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Jenna Miscavige Hill, Niece of Scientology's leader, backs Cruise biography

Niece of Scientology's leader backs Cruise biography4 hours ago

PARIS (AFP) — The author of a controversial new biography on celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise has found an unexpected new ally: the niece of Scientology's current leader, David Miscavige.

In an open letter to a senior Scientology official that has been widely posted on the Internet, Jenna Miscavige Hill described how her own family was broken apart by the movement's policies.

Hill's father is Ron Miscavige, the older brother of David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology.

"Hell, if Scientology can't keep his family together -- then why on earth should anyone believe the church helps brings families together!" she wrote. [..]

It's terrific to see that this is getting some press coverage. The article below refers to Jenna Miscavige Hill, daughter of Elizabeth and Ron Miscavige, and the letter she wrote to church public relations spokesperson, Karen Pouw. After reading the lies Pouw wrote in defense of Scientology against Andrew Morton's Cruise biography, Jenna stepped up to the plate and called her on the carpet for lying about Scientology's Disconnection Policy and how it destroys families, including her own.

Scientology Disconnection Policy has been separating and destroying families for far too many years. It's a type of religious shunning. I know. During my 18 years in Scientology, I cut off family members because I really believed I was doing the right thing by Scientology. In retrospect, I was jaded and felt I had no choice. That's what happens when you are numb from being brainwashed for so long. Most of my family has forgiven me, but there are still a few people I have to find and apologize to for hurting them by severing ties because they didn't agree with Scientology.


Thank God, so is she! Way to go Jenna Miscavige Hill!

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Scientology Questions From Anonymous

"Some honest questions scientologists need to ask themselves. Feel free to respond in comments" That's what this YouTube video says. It's an important message.

Scientology Questions from Anonymous

Well, I'm all for this video. The current situation is more than about a Tom Cruise video or menacing the Church of Scientology just because ther Anons feel it's way past payback time for all the dirty deeds CoS done to mankind.

It's about the members who are not being allow to question things - a necessary componient of the freedom to think for themself. I was once one of them, for many years. Asking why is a start. Kudos for Anonymous in Netherlands for posting this.

You can find the video at YouTube

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun with "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" - A Scientology Propaganda Project

Fun at the Church of Scientology’s "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" Museum!
by brian ( at )

Last month, author Brian's cousin Pete "came out to Los Angeles on a trip for work, and since then all he ever talks about is his visit to the Church of Scientology’s "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" museum. Seriously, he won’t shut up about the thing." Priceless :)

Hubbard in the House -- the State House!

JEFFERSON CITY | The halls of the Capitol are pretty quiet on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday.

The rotunda, though, is jumping. A group called the Citizen Commission on Human Rights has packed the central space with no fewer than eight flat-panel TVs and 185 feet of six-foot-tall, full-color displays, all of them blasting the practice of psychiatry.

The exhibit’s title captures its subtlety: “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.” [..]
(Yes, another priceless article. )

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nicole Kidman and her 'Confidential - Priest - Penitent Protected' Scientology Confessional Folders

I read a recent article
Scientologists Do Not Have Tapes Of Tom Making Nicole Call Him "Xenu" While Wearing Conor's Baseball Uniform

and I remembered something which I am surprised I had not thought of before, considering I'd been a brainwashed victim of the cult for 18 yrs:

"Confidential - Priest - Penitent Protected". How could I have forgotten that?

Well, anyway, as I explained to Defamer:

Scientology 'auditors; ( counselors ) ALWAYS write down what the 'preclear' or 'OT' says in a counseling session. Always. To do otherwise is a violation of their technology. So everything that Tom and Nicole have ever said in a session are recorded by hand by the counselor/ auditor.

There are taped sessions but that is usually done for monitoring the skills of the auditor- in training. Could they have taped Nicole's sessions? Well, nothing would surprise me when it comes to how the church treats it's celebrities. But certainly there were notes taken of all she'd ever spoken in those sessions.

I, personally, want my folders back and I bet Nicole would want them back too. We were convinced that we were dealing with a real church who had real principles and that the 'confessions' were sacred. Even the folders stated " Confidential- Priest-Penitent Protected"
and we fringe Catholics who joined Scientology actually believed that the session information was held sacred and confidential like a confession is in the catholic church! What fools we were. Nicole had good reason to fear that, as do so many other former scientologists.

One day there will be a class action suit brought against the 'church' to gather up and return all the folders of all the written notes from each person's sessions but until that day, believe me when I say she had something to fear. More than a few ex-members have had dirty laundry or the appearance of dirty laundry aired on the internet for criticising the church.

You can get more information on the Priest-Penitent privilage related to the keeping of "confessions"

Nicole, you are not alone. It was a con game. We were conned.

Mary McConnell
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Another Lisa McPherson case: Three French citizen scientologists arrested in Nuoro, Italy charged with kidnapping and holding captive a woman

3 French members of Scientology were arrested yesterday in Italy for kidnapping and holding hostage a woman, who was found in a condition similar to the one the Late Lisa McPherson was in just before she died in 1995.

As Jeff Jacobson posted today over at alt.religion.scientology usenet group:

"On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson was dead on arrival at a hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater Florida. According to the coroner's report, Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, and had bruises and bug bites (see the entire report here).

Lisa's last address was listed by the police as 210 S. Ft. Harrison in Clearwater Florida, which is the Fort Harrison Hotel, a Scientology property. Lisa had been a Scientologist from the age of 18 to her death at age 36.

Lisa was put on the Introspection Rundown that Scientology uses to handle those who have had a psychotic break.

On November 18, 1995, Lisa was involved in a minor car accident. She was apparently not hurt, but she got out of her car and took all her clothes off and seemed mentally unstable. She was taken to a hospital where she was physically evaluated as being unharmed, but the hospital wanted her to be psychologically cared for. However, some Scientologists arrived and stated that Lisa did not believe in psychiatry, and she checked out after a short evaluation and left with the Scientologists. She went with them to Room 174 of the Ft. Harrison Hotel for "rest and relaxation" according to the church, but church logs from Lisa's stay there from November 18 to her death December 5 show differently. Some logs are missing, and a high ranking ex-Scientologist has written an affidavit in which he claims that the church has in the past destroyed documents that might get the church in trouble.

The family of Lisa McPherson sued Scientology and individuals involved for wrongful death, while Scientology claimed it did nothing wrong toward Lisa While settlement talks were completed after being forced by the court, (Civil Case settled 5/28/04) the case appears to still be active. Scientology had a web page (removed or moved) that smeared Lisa's aunt and attorney.

Now we have another victim in the news. I cannot let this important story slide by. In 1984 I lost a dear friend, Dale Bogen, who underwent this kind of treatment and she was found dead, a supposid suicide. People were afraid to speak up. Then Lisa died and what happened after that was a war with Scientology that is emblazioned in the minds of so many people who try to keep Lisa's memory alive.

Lisa and Dale are not alone. The victim in this recent situation was saved only due to her ingenuity in leaving notes outside where she was staying, so that someone would call police.

What most likely happened to latest victim is that she became irratic or psychotic during scientology 'auditing' and was put on a program called the Introspection Rundown, same as Lisa and Dale. Part of this program is a thing called muzzled destimulation, as described here.

It is degrading, inhumane and illegal in many countries to not help a person get proper medical care. Lisa and Dale died and this woman escaped. There is a very important story to be told here. This is the dark side of scientology.

Look here at what happened to Lisa McPherson: The UnFunny Truth about Scientology

'State drops charges against Scientology'Blaming the medical examiner for damaging their case, prosecutors quietly end the inquiry into Lisa McPherson's death. By THOMAS C. TOBIN ©St. Petersburg Times,6/13/00

Tampabay: Doctor in Lisa McPherson case suspended

____________ The latest case in Italy with links: - Nuoro, donna segregata Tre francesi in manette - n. 3 del 21-01-2008
Nuoro - Three French citizens belonging to Scientology were arrested in Nuoro on charges that he kidnapped and held captive a fellow of Tunisian origin. Police Headquarters in the Nuoro intervened after a call to 113 had reported invocations help from the rural Mount
Ortobene on the hill overlooking the capital barbaricino. Police officers raided surprising on the ground floor and three French citizens on the upper floor of their fellow 47 years, closed in a room full of waste.

The woman was seminuda and slept on a mattress infested by insects and worms. Accompanied ambulance woman has been detained in hospital, but has made time to denounce his jailers. Police have arrested Decouduh Marie Claude, 42 years old, Rachid Hassereldith Kabbara and Julien Queyrou, both 18 years all on charges of abduction. The three, after the findings of rite, were locked up in the home district of Badu 'and Carros available to the judiciary. - Nuoro, donna segregata Tre francesi in manette - n. 3 del 21-01-2008

Nuoro - Three French citizens belonging to Scientology were arrested in Nuoro on charges that he kidnapped and held captive a fellow of Tunisian origin. Police Headquarters in the Nuoro intervened after a call to 113 had reported invocations help from the rural Mount Ortobene on the hill overlooking the capital barbaricino. Police officers raided surprising on the ground floor and three French citizens on the upper floor of their fellow 47 years, closed in a room full of waste.

The woman was seminuda and slept on a mattress infested by insects and worms. Accompanied ambulance woman has been detained in hospital, but has made time to denounce his jailers. Police have arrested Decouduh Marie Claude, 42 years old, Rachid Hassereldith Kabbara and Julien Queyrou, both 18 years all on charges of abduction. The three, after the findings of rite, were locked up in the home district of Badu 'and Carros available to the judiciary.
---------------- - Nuoro, donna segregata Tre francesi in manette - n. 3
del 21-01-2008
Nuoro - Tre cittadini francesi appartenenti a Scientology sono stati arrestati a Nuoro con l'accusa di aver sequestrato e tenuto prigioniera una connazionale di origini tunisine. I poliziotti della Questura di Nuoro sono intervenuti dopo che una telefonata al 113 aveva segnalato invocazioni d'aiuto provenienti da un'abitazione
rurale sul Monte Ortobene, l'altura che domina il capoluogo barbaricino. Gli agenti hanno fatto irruzione sorprendendo al piano terra tre cittadini francesi ed al piano superiore una loro connazionale di 47 anni, chiusa in una stanza piena di rifiuti.

La donna era seminuda e dormiva su un materasso infestato da insetti e vermi. Accompagnata in ambulanza la donna รจ stata ricoverata in osservazione, ma ha fatto a tempo a denunciare i suoi aguzzini. I poliziotti hanno arrestato Marie Claude Decouduh, di 42 anni, Rachid Hassereldith Kabbara e Julien Queyrou, entrambi di 18 anni tutti con l'accusa di sequestro di persona. I tre, dopo gli accertamenti di
rito, sono stati rinchiusi nella casa circondariale di Badu 'e Carros a disposizione della magistratura.

More story links:

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Christopher Caldwell of Financial Times : 'Confusion over Scientology..........:

Financial Times
Confusion over Scientology
Is it a religion? A cult? A business? Or something else?
By Christopher Caldwell
Published: January 18 2008 19:45 | Last updated: January 18 2008 19:45

Christopher Caldwell asks how the hybrid should be handled

Here's a fair use bit from this excellent article.
" How Scientology gets treated is important. Hybrid organisations – which look religious from one angle and secular from another – are not what our laws on freedom of religion anticipated. When a Muslim charity gives money to, say, Hamas, or when a Bible-belt church starts a business, the line between sacred and secular gets harder to draw.

Scientology’s doctrines are based on Hubbard’s writings and programmes, sales of which are a considerable source of income for the Church. Some of its scriptures are “confidential”. They reportedly involve extraterrestrials who lived 75m years ago and sent spirit clusters (called “thetans”) to earth. The basic practice is “auditing”, which has been compared to Catholic confession or to self-help “talking cures”, but which is directed by a church member. Its goal is to eliminate “engrams” – negative mental pictures that block human development. It should not be confused with psychiatry, to which the Church has a special hostility, and which Hubbard considered a form of terrorism.

Readers Digest, Time magazine and others have reported that the Church keeps records of its confessional “audits” in case a member should turn against it. Defectors from the group have claimed that they were subjected to psychological pressure and, in some cases, lost their life’s savings. Scientology is rich. It has a real estate empire in Clearwater, Florida and desirable properties in the major cities of the world, along with reported assets in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Scientology “devotes vast resources to squelching its critics”, Time magazine wrote in 1991 – and this was before Scientology sued Time Warner for $416m over the article in which that passage appeared. In 2001, the US Supreme Court, in refusing to revisit Scientology’s filed suit against Time Warner, cited a 1984 California Superior Court case that found: “The Church or its minions is fully capable of intimidation or other physical or psychological abuse if it suits their ends. The record is replete with evidence of such abuse.”

The Church repeatedly sued a US watchdog group called the Cult Awareness Network until it went bankrupt in the 1990s. And Mr Morton told the Toronto-based Globe and Mail this week that his biography of Mr Cruise had not been published in Britain “because the publishers, Pan-Macmillan, felt the costs of defending any action outweighed any kind of freedom of expression”.


Recently, the Editor of the St Petersburg Times in Clearwater, FL had similar concerns about scientology because of the city's history with the church. The editoria makes a public suggestion to Sen. Grassley in an editorial titled Opinion: A Church Accounting .

"Politicians should be careful when delving into religious matters, but Grassley has raised some legitimate issues about enforcement of tax laws. While religious institutions have constitutional protection against certain taxation, they are also expected not to abuse their special status. In fact, while Grassley is looking into such matters, he should add the Church of Scientology to the list.

Scientology's shameful past includes a 25-year legal and psychological campaign against the IRS to be recognized as a tax-exempt religion. Scientology tactics included a criminal conspiracy in the 1970s to bug IRS offices, which led to 11 convictions of church members including founder L. Ron Hubbard's wife. Scientology filed dozens of lawsuits against the IRS, hired private investigators to dig up dirt on IRS employees and financed other IRS critics.

In an unprecedented concession in 1993, the IRS dropped its long-held position that Scientology operations where commercial, and granted the organization tax-exempt status as a religion. Mysteriously, that decision came after then IRS Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg Jr. held an impromptu private meeting with top Scientologist David Miscavige. Goldberg and the IRS still refuse to discuss their decision or release details of the settlement even though there is no legal obligation for them to remain silent. Perhaps Grassley could shed some light on what happened in that private meeting.

While federal law gives great leeway to recognized religions to collect money without paying taxes, there are some clear limitations. A religion's income and assets cannot be used to benefit church insiders beyond their normal compensation, and must be used for charitable, educational or religious purposes rather than to enrich individuals"


That took courage and the article put the church on notice. So has Christopher Caldwell and Financial Times. This is a timely subject worthy of a complete review.

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"The World's Largest Global Scam" is The Church of Scientology

Of the Tom Cruise Video, Lerma says "Scientology is the World's Largest Global Scam"

Arnie Lerma of discusses "the video the Church of Scientology did not want you to see".

Here he's interviewed on January 16, 2008, by SKY tv UK, a UK Satellite TV broadcaster run by Rupert Murdoch, from the DC Fox News affiliate station about the bizzare claims Tom Cruise made in the video.

He says " Scientology is the World's Largest Global Scam. " " It's based on hypnosis and the propaganda techniques that built the Third Reich."

I was unable to catch the anchor's name but he's with Sky's 24 hour MOR news channel. This and other interviews about the Tom Cruise video played every 20 minutes round the clock, I suppose much to the dismay of the Church of Scientology:

Arnie Lerma has the distinct unofficial title of being Scientology's most persistent and effective ex-member critic on the internet and in the history of the church. No matter what the church has done to him to try and stop his efforts to inform the world about the 'con game' he calls Scientology, he's never given up.
He has helped thousands and thousands of people by helping make the internet a viable and accessable place to get the critical facts and information people need in order to know and understand the Church of Scientology.

Back in 1995 Scientology sued Lerma, his ISP: Digital Gateway, The Washington Post, and investigative journalists Richard Leiby and Marc Fisher. The lawsuit was filed against Lerma and his Internet service provider by the church's Religious Technology Center, (RTC), claiming copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation. " In that case the "The Washington Post, et al were released from the suit when USDJ Leonie Brinkema ruled in a memorandum on Nov 28, 1995:
"When the RTC first approached the Court with its ex parte request for the seizure warrant and temporary restraining order, the dispute was presented as a straight-forward one under copyright and trade secret law. However, the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in general and to harass its critics. As the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric of its briefs and oral argument now demonstrates, the RTC appears far more concerned about criticism of Scientology than vindication of its secrets."

(Memorandum Opinion of November 28, 1995, by U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema; Religious Technology Center v. Arnaldo Lerma, Washington Post, Mark Fisher, and Richard Leiby)

The Memorandum Opinion acknowledges what critics believe Scientology practices to this day: the "Fair Game" policy, a written directive by L. Ron Hubbard that encourages harassment of anyone who speaks out against the church.

In conclusion, the court awarded RTC the statutory minimum of $2,500 for five instances of non-willful copyright violation."

Lerma has researched Scientology for many years to determine how it was that he gave the organization 10 uears of his life, as so many others have in the promised hopes of becoming happy and godlike. You can find much of his research at

Grateful thanks to youtube's quentinkrisp for getting the interviews up on the internet:
Tom Cruise & Scientology: Career Death 1of4

Tom Cruise & Scientology: Career Death 2of4

Tom Cruise & Scientology: Career Death 3of4

Tom Cruise & Scientology: Career Death 4of4

* quentinkrisp Note to YouTube Legal:
These fair use reportage clips are owned by my friend Rupert. They are not the property of the so called "Church" of Scientology or the hetrosexual actor Tom Cruise. If you actually bother to watch the clip then you'll see that any tiny percentage of non-rupert footage clearly passes the legal test of News Reportage with respect to copyright claims on the whole clip.

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ConnieTalk on Tom Cruise Scientologist

There's Something Very Wrong With Tom Cruise by
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

ConnieTalk, very funny site. Love the photos you have there, too.
There is something wrong with Tom Cruise, and all scientologists indoctrinated like he is. I know. I was at one time, for many years in fact, one of them.

Arnie Lerma of explains it best:
Hubbard's Use of Covert Hypnosis - Exposed

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Andrew Morton Interviewed

Jan. 15: Andrew Morton answers email questions on MSNBC. Listen carefully.

In the below video, he's interviewed on the Today Show, where he defends his unauthorized biography of the celebrity and talks about why the Church of Scientology is so against it.

Very interesting.

Unauthorized biographer defends Tom Cruise claims

To All the Curious Current, Former and Never Members Of Scientology

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

The Scientologilization of Will Smith, a friend of Tom Cruise

Colbert Reports on: The Scientologilization of Will Smith

Scientology: Is Will Smith a Scientologist?( I hope not )
Colbert gives his advise
1 min 50 sec - 10-Jan-08
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The Nuts And Bolts of Tom Cruise - Part 1

Tomorrow we have Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography coming out.

Today, we have the Canadian Press interview with Morton where much of the bruhaha of the past week get's dispelled

" Author of Tom Cruise biography dispels rumours about Scientology actor"


Morton says Cruise is now the No. 2 Scientologist in the world.

"I just thought the Scientology was just like an add-on to his life and he just paid lip service to it," Morton says.

"What I didn't realize was how absolutely to the bone this is in him, and in a way it helps to explain why he's so suspicious of the outside world. Scientology is controlling, it's dominating, it's their way or the highway. They believe that only they have the answers to all the problems in the world, and in a way it kind of meshes quite nicely with his own fairly authoritarian character. It's a good fit."

Cruise is, in fact, a control freak who likes to manage every aspect of not only his personal and professional lives, but also of the lives of his wives - current and former - and children, Morton says.

"Scientology is quite technical, and it seems sort of pseudo-scientific at first and the early courses are quite accessible. It teaches you that you can actually leave your past behind and reinvent yourself, you can remake the script if you like, you can take control of your life - and Tom Cruise is very much about control."

See for yourself:
Tom Cruise on Scientology

NOTE: Because the Church of Scientology keeps having the video removed, I will be updating this page with a current link to where one can see it:

Defamer presents:
The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Dont Want You To See