Monday, February 09, 2009

Mark Rathbun To The Courtesy Desk

Marty Rathbun, aka Mark C Rathbun is a former high ranking scientology executive who recently posted 2x's over at Ex Scientologist Message Board, seemingly oblivious to the impact his 'I'm a squirrel for hire' post would have nor the terrible impact his actions and past as a leader in Scientology have caused others.

Maybe these court documents filed by Marc and Claire Headley and the below video will enlighten him to the suffering others have had why many former scientologists and other critics would like him to come clean and join in with us in exposing the crimes committed in the name of scientology.

Still Mad As Hell

thelastanon describes this video: "What's this all about? A tribute to anonymous, the OG and everyone fighting the cult of $cientology.

Since early January, an Internet collective known only as Anonymous has been exposing the criminal activities and corrupt practices of the Church of Scientology (CoS) and its leadership. We do not oppose the rights of the "church's" membership to believe in the "religious" tenets of scientology. We oppose the illegal, immoral and deadly acts of its leadership including and maybe most importantly their attempts to suppress free speech on the internet."

That said,Mr Rathbun, please consider the broader picture and gather up the courage to help right the wrongs as others have done. Perhaps a consultation with an experienced attorney ie: Barry VanSickle or Graham Berry, on all that you know would be wise. Many people are counting on ex members like yourself to do the right thing.