Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scarlett Hanna- report done by A Current Affair Australia

A must see.

"Today Tonight's Bryan Seymour speaks directly to Scarlett on channel 7
(video box to the right select 'scientology head'

A Current Affair's report features mostly the Lateline report footage, but includes ACA speaking to Steve Cannane about his interview with Scarlett." Tub3dYou — May 19, 2010 —

Sheila Huber, former longtime scientology staff member was a church Nanny for 3 years and is interviewed about the conditions, the oppression and why she is speaking out.

Former Scientologist Amy Scobee interviewed on Lateline (air date: 5-19-10)

Kudos to Amy Scobee for speaking up about how Scientology treated the matter when she was raped at age 14 by an adult staff member of the church's Sea Org.

Carmen Rainer Scientology Abuse Interview on ABC Lateline (air date: 5-19-10)

Carmen is a brave girl and I hope all goes well for her. Thank you for speaking up, Carmen & mom.

Calling Scientology "TOXIC", Scarlett Hanna speaks up about her life in the cult

Video: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 18/05/2010
Reporter: Steve Cannane, doing another excellent job exposing Scientology

Scarlette Hanna, the daughter of the president of the Church of Scientology in Australia, has "spoken out against the organisation, describing it as toxic and accusing the church of tearing some families apart."

Scarlette Hanna is the daughter of Vicki Dunstan, the president of the church in Australia. Her father, Mark Hanna, is a former director of public affairs.

As well, Sheila Huber, former long time member, explains what it was like to have been the church's Nanny for the many many children of staff members and how bad the conditions were.

What you will hear are true stories of abuse and neglect of children. Both these women deserve kudos for stepping up to the plate and speaking up despite the potential for repercussions. Much thanks to ABC and Steve Cannane.

You can see Vicki Dunstan here finally admitting that Scientology was connected to several Sydney murdered parishoners.

Mark Hanna can be found on this recent video assaulting protesters: Husband of Scientology's Australian President Assaults Protesters

Things are falling apart for her Scienbtologist parents, and that might not be a bad thing if they wake up soon enough.
Hopefully Scarlett's brave andd well stated report on TV will wake them up.

Strategy for Anonymous vs Scientology

This is a brilliant video worthy of repeat viewing. Inspiring, truely. Thank you to whoever created it.