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Scientology: The Wallet, The FMS and the Registrar

Scientology: The Wallet, The FMS and the Registrar
From: Formerlyfooled -
Thurs, Nov 2 2006 1:21 am
Google Group: alt.religion.scientology

I read a post here concerning recent con artist type of 'hard sell regging' and the overwhelming debt Scientologists are finding themselves into and I was surprised. It's not that I hard a hard time envisioning such a situation, but that these kinds of tactics were still going on!

How many years does it take before it's clearly evident to a Scientologist that there was never a concerted effort to correct this insanity? This practice has been going on since before and after Int Management came on the scene to supposedly correct the injustices and squirrelling of Hubbard's adminstrative policy.

How is it that members are pushed so hard into second guessing their better judgement & going into the very degree of debt one mever ever planned on getting into? And why hasn't this coersion situation not been corrected?

How is it that one has to fight or succumb everytime there is something to be sold by the church. There is no other equally sized organization in the world that practices this kind of intimidation. There is something so wrong with this whole picture.

Now, it's bad enough when members of Scientology are hard pressured to go into severe debt to 'help' clear the planet, but it doesn't stop at the people who give and then go back out to bust their butt, like a machine even, to try and keep up with the increased debt payments.

Whether you can actually afford the services the Church of Scientology registrars and Flag FSMs push is apparently of no concern to them and obviously something normal scientologists find difficult to take.

However, the fraud that Scientology perpetrated against Raul Lopez, a mentally incapacitated traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor was, clearly, just 'more of the same and then some'. Read this court document. This is just the tip of the iceburg on how far many registrars & FSMs will go when that old 'purpose is senior to policy' button is pushed.

Scientology Swindles Raul Lopez-- And The World

You can call it whatever you want, but where I come from it's called complicit fraud. It's been going on for many years now and it's obviously not going to stop. That's pathetic.

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them."
Ephesians 5:11

Help for Scientologists

From: zeeorger
Thurs, Nov 2 2006 3:22 am
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

I don't mean to be cold hearted, but every once in a while scientology's "hard sell" abuse is used without first putting you and others into a proper "winning" trance like state ...

I forget the exact LRH quote, but to paraphrase it, it went something like "keep the PC winning ..." LRH understood that to keep the con game going it was important to keep the PC (the mark) in a semi-perpetual state of confusion.

Once that is acomplished, you can then use various means of internal persuasion (ethics, justice, RPF, declares) and external persuasion (GO/OSA) to keep the whole operation from being exposed/discovered.

Since the begining LRH tried to put off discovery of the following truths:
- The tech does not work.
- People find out it does not work.
- People tell other people what they found out.
- People know it is a scam/fraud.

It is the reverse of the "simple story of scientology" ...

The thing to keep in mind is that over 99% of those who have tried scientology are no longer supporting scientology.

Over 10 Million have tried, but less than 100,000 scientologists remain as active happy clams.

Thurs, Nov 2 2006 5:13 am
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

Hey Z!
I can understand the basic idea behind the scam, but what I don't get is how Co$ can convince the "PC" that he's "winning"??? What he hell IS a "win", anyway? What are they winning? (Other than a one way trip to the poor-house by way of a grotty little place called: The Crazy Ramblings of "Mo Ron" Hubbard.)
(I apologize, but I've never been a member of Co$, and never want to be, so I'm not completely familiar with all the terms as Co$ uses them.)

From: Eldon
Thurs, Nov 2 2006 5:28 am
Groups: alt.religion.scientology
re wrote: > zeeorger

The "winning" aspect of Scientology or any cult is to use some form of valid trance-inducing "therapy" at the beginning, unethically laced with a sales pitch and guilt trip.

The whole experience is designed to put people into an "enlightened" temporary state of euphoria. It's a feel-good state and also one in which people are easily indoctrinated.

This little online video satire depicts the process quite well.

From: John
Thurs, Nov 2 2006 5:45 pm
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

The "wins" generally boil down to being processed into a state of euphoria, feeling great for a day or two, then coming down and needing to start again. Then are also officially published wins. These are the 'tales of the OTs' which tend to be just kinda sad.

For most members, the regular win they get is "I feel good". This feeling is always ephemeral, and requires topping up with more processing.

From: Zinj
Thurs, Nov 2 2006 6:12 pm
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

A 'Win' is supposed to be a 'realization or recovered ability' (according to Scientology we all already have all abilities, which are being 'suppressed'; so, speaking swahili a'la glossolalia *already* exists, but is being suppressed. It could also be the ability to repair the transmission on a '37 Desoto. 'Learning" is a waste of time, because you already *have* all these abilities, but, they're being 'suppressed'.)

Every Scientology course or process requires a 'Win' and 'VGI' or, Very Good Indicators, meaning the chump says he's *happy* with the 'process/course/'treatment'.

If he *doesn't* have a win or 'VGI' the process must *continue* until he does. At his own cost.
It's a rare clam who's unwilling to admit to or manufacture a 'cog' or 'recovered ability' when faced with the prospect of Scientology ad infinitum. And, since the 'Tech' is always effective, *eventually* he'll find one.

Kind of like a dentist who charges $120/hr and guarantees 'success', then proceeds to drill holes willy-nilly until the 'patient' admits to feeling better.

The rare clam who actually *demands* a return on his investment and denies having had a 'cog' or a 'recovered ability' out of some misguided stubborness, and, despite the cash hemhorage will eventually be discovered to be a 'No Case Gain' suppressive and tossed out. Since, after all, the 'Tech' always works, so, it must have been his fault.

Naturally, there's a lot of pressure to come up with a 'Win', so, everybody does, although, many ex-Scientologists are willing to admit to 'faking wins' just to make the pressure stop and stop the running 'meter'.

And, human nature being what it is; most people who 'fake wins' actually and eventually come to believe their own faked wins. It's easier than admitting that you faked it. And, naturally, the 'Church' pounces on those willing to admit to having 'faked wins' with a glorious Hubbardian 'Aha!' Because, that's why Scientology didn't 'work' for them. Scientology *always* works :)

Polly *must* have a cracker, but, Polly must bake it herself.

Zinj -- You Can Lead a Clam to Reason; but You Can't Make Him Think
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