Monday, January 14, 2008

The Nuts And Bolts of Tom Cruise - Part 1

Tomorrow we have Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography coming out.

Today, we have the Canadian Press interview with Morton where much of the bruhaha of the past week get's dispelled

" Author of Tom Cruise biography dispels rumours about Scientology actor"


Morton says Cruise is now the No. 2 Scientologist in the world.

"I just thought the Scientology was just like an add-on to his life and he just paid lip service to it," Morton says.

"What I didn't realize was how absolutely to the bone this is in him, and in a way it helps to explain why he's so suspicious of the outside world. Scientology is controlling, it's dominating, it's their way or the highway. They believe that only they have the answers to all the problems in the world, and in a way it kind of meshes quite nicely with his own fairly authoritarian character. It's a good fit."

Cruise is, in fact, a control freak who likes to manage every aspect of not only his personal and professional lives, but also of the lives of his wives - current and former - and children, Morton says.

"Scientology is quite technical, and it seems sort of pseudo-scientific at first and the early courses are quite accessible. It teaches you that you can actually leave your past behind and reinvent yourself, you can remake the script if you like, you can take control of your life - and Tom Cruise is very much about control."

See for yourself:
Tom Cruise on Scientology

NOTE: Because the Church of Scientology keeps having the video removed, I will be updating this page with a current link to where one can see it:

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