Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Give Me Back My Scientology Confessional Folders & Tapes!

Actor Jason Beghe wants his confessional and other scientology records, folders & tapes back. I want mine back, too. We are not alone in this desire. Why would Scientology want to keep records of us having told our most deepest and darkest thoughts of the past. to what was supposed to be a confidential counselor, when we don't belong to 'the church' anymore? As former members of the cult of Scientology, we are not unlike victims of the techniques described by Joost A. M. Meerloo in his excellent report called Rape Of The Mind

Beghe informed Operation Clambake Message Board aka that he wants all his folders back and that his request to the infamous Celebrity Center International was artfully ignored. So he wrote the Big Kahuna Cult leader David Miscavige and posted it.

You can read the letter here:
Letter to David Miscavige from Jason Beghe

Why would Beghe want thos records back? Why would I want mine back? Why would any former member want them back? Well, read the excellent Village Voice article by Tony Ortega
Former Scientologist Actor Wants His Confessional Files Back
'Jason Beghe accuses church of secretly taping Tom Cruise; writes a letter that Scientology won’t deliver' by Tony Ortega , April 29th, 2008 7:00 AM

There is no moral reason for the church to keep them, but keep them they do. I have been out for 12 years now but I invested 18 years of my life believing that L Ron Hubbard was teaching truth when it was all empty lies. The evolution of Scientology Celebrity Centers was planned by Hubbard many years before but thy needed a certain amount of credible & willing top celebrities to do all the media push. Tom Cruise came along and with others, Celebrity Centers rapidly grew. At one time, I was a member of the Celebrity Centers and treated like a celebrity because my husband was a "celebrity". Back in the 70's and 80's, the pressure was not on celebrities to push scientology but as the years went on and the membership of high end talent began to flow in, these newbies were sectioned off from the minor celebrities and had their sessions videotaped on a steady basis. I spent many of my years there during the days when they couldn't afford toilet paper, much less any video equiptment.

Although all scientologists were given the impression or told that the their secrets were confidential, many found out the hard way that scientology likes to keep the folders to use the contents as a tool to keeping the member from leaving or speaking up. So, the the evidence is overwhelming that confidentiality is just not true. For celebrities who have left the fold, like Nicole Kidman, the is a real fear that your private thoughts could wind up on the cover of The Enquirer or People Mag.

Celebrity artist former Scientologist OT VIII Michael Pattinson explains in explains how celebrities are treated and what happened to him after he left.

Thankfully, we have Jason Beghe broaching this important subject by asking for all the documentation of his life in Scientology to be returned to him. Will he get them? I woul;d hope so but he will have to go to court to force the issue. He should, however, know that there will be many others, including myself, who would join him in a class action law suit in order to get them back.

We were lied to. We were conned. It's a matter of dignity. Getting back as much of one's investment in the past as possible is what any victm want and we victims of Scientology are no exception.