Monday, August 25, 2008

Scientology is 'Clearing the Planet', One Unborn Child at a Time.

Did you know that the Church of Scientology is Anti-Family and orders their elite members to abort pregnancies or risk being made to leave the group they are dedicated a billion years of their lives to? Well, here is the video where the church spokesperson admits that Scientology does indeed force certain members to have abortions. Why? Well, they are in the business of 'clearing the planet'. In this case, one unborn child at a time.

Richard & Judy item on Scientology
Channel 4, Oct 11 2005 [British television]

This video details life inside Scientology 's elite corp called the Sea Organization including it's policy of compulsory abortions for female members of that elite corp.

Former Scientologist Astra Woodcraft is interviewed by Richard & Judy, along with a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology in the UK, Janet Kenyon-Laveau. Woodcraft left the organization so she would not have to abort her child.

Kenyon-Laveau is forced to admit to this, that Scientology's Sea Organization is anti-family and pro-enforced abortion.

This is a priceless interview. Kudos to Astra Woodcraft and the 'Richard and Judy' show for tackling this so effectively.