Monday, February 09, 2009

Mark Rathbun To The Courtesy Desk

Marty Rathbun, aka Mark C Rathbun is a former high ranking scientology executive who recently posted 2x's over at Ex Scientologist Message Board, seemingly oblivious to the impact his 'I'm a squirrel for hire' post would have nor the terrible impact his actions and past as a leader in Scientology have caused others.

Maybe these court documents filed by Marc and Claire Headley and the below video will enlighten him to the suffering others have had why many former scientologists and other critics would like him to come clean and join in with us in exposing the crimes committed in the name of scientology.

Still Mad As Hell

thelastanon describes this video: "What's this all about? A tribute to anonymous, the OG and everyone fighting the cult of $cientology.

Since early January, an Internet collective known only as Anonymous has been exposing the criminal activities and corrupt practices of the Church of Scientology (CoS) and its leadership. We do not oppose the rights of the "church's" membership to believe in the "religious" tenets of scientology. We oppose the illegal, immoral and deadly acts of its leadership including and maybe most importantly their attempts to suppress free speech on the internet."

That said,Mr Rathbun, please consider the broader picture and gather up the courage to help right the wrongs as others have done. Perhaps a consultation with an experienced attorney ie: Barry VanSickle or Graham Berry, on all that you know would be wise. Many people are counting on ex members like yourself to do the right thing.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Narconon Tax liens

Recently, reports have surfaced documenting tax liens the IRS and state treasury departments have been placing on Narconons & The Church of Scientology across the USA.

I posted what was found over the last couple of months and now I'm posting some more.

Narconon Stone Hawk Rehab Center in MI( aka A Forever Recovery ) owes alot of tax to the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Michigan Depart of Treasury according to lien judgements on record. With interest compounding daily, Stone Hawk could be at the $750,000 owing mark with the IRS.

Here we have liens on taxes owning and in one case, paid of, but they are still owning alot to the Michigan State Treasury:

Maybe that's why Narconon is currently doing business in MI as "A Forever Recovery"

Now, back to Narconon Georgia aka Narconon International, Inc in GA. Seems they owe much more in quarterly payroll taxes. This one coveres was was owed for the 1st & 3rd quarters of 2008. 9412 tax is withholding payroll. Looks like they may have fiinally gotten busted for not paying taxes on all those 'independent contractor' $100.week slaves they had at their facility and it's illegal residence.

Expect more.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hey, Mary Panton (aka Mary DeMoss).. I'm Lobbying You

Mary Panton aka Mary DeMoss

Updated Update 9/14/2009: I have changed the photo to one that reflects Mary's current relationship with Scientology and it's front groups like CCHR. The photo I had up here, while adorable, was no longer necessary since Mary deleted it from her Facebook and from her blog. However, the commenter needs to contact the infamous " Bernie 'because he has the photo up on his blog in his misguided rant about me.
UPDATE: Aug 14, 2009
Seems as if Mary took into consideration what I and others wrote. She subsequently took down her blog. She went out and started her own entertainment business. Her sister even wrote me recently. I don't know whether my post had anything to do with those things happening but would like to think so in some small way.

Her sister wrote:
"Mary is a good person at heart. She is my sister and is a decent person. Let it be. Full stories are rarely revealed to all."

Anyone who knows me knows that I wrote what I wrote because I care. I am actually one of Mary's fans from the critic pool. I am also a mother. The lack of discretion concerned me. There was enough about her on the internet to curl a straight haired woman's head. Mary has little control over that stuff but she took that steps to get the blog down and started a career change in something she wanted to do that has nothing to do with scientology. That's progress.

I am not sure if her sister is a scientologist but if she is, I would find the comment suspect, but since I have no way of knowing, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she isn't a scientologist and that she's just someone who cares for her sister enough to defend her.

So, I am deleting what I wrote in response to Mary's posts on her old blog because she deleted the blog. I'm not sure what that last sentence in her sister's comment is supposed to mean but in consideration for Mary's son and the changes she made since I published the piece, I WILL let it go. I am anonymous but I do forgive and forget.