Saturday, July 28, 2007

"USA - Urgently need someone experienced in muzzled destim program" said the ad

"Urgently need someone experienced in muzzled destim program"???

What is this Scientology MUZZLED DESTIM PROGRAM ?

Well, it may possibly be a part of the infamous Introspection Rundown.

You see, Scientology not only tries hard to silence it's critics, it has a history of driving to suicide or killing it's members who become mentally unstable. So what is a cult to do? Create the Muzzled Destimulation Program" as a preliminary step to the of the original Interspection Rundown? It makes sense since they were sued for the use of the original in the sad and preventable death of McPherson.

Scientology kills particularly when the tactics used violate basic human rights to life and prevent proper medical help.

In this way, it killed Lisa McPherson, Dale Bogen and so many others.

I don't make this stuff up. The evidence is out there. Been going on for years. Google "scientology kills" or the above names names and see for yourself.

As a result of the criminal investigation of the church related to Lisa McPherson's death, the Church of Scientology created a binding contract with members and it is one of the stipulations within the contract that one can be held against their own will pay for and receive the cult's service called the Introspection Rundown:
Scientology's barbaric treatment of members in lieu of some proper medical attention - the kind scientology rejects.

Here's a quote from a stellar article about this 'contract'as published in Razor Magazine "Church's Lethal Contract written By Dr. David S. Touretzky and Peter Alexander:

"Imagine a church so dangerous, you must sign a release form before you can receive its "spiritual assistance." This assistance might involve holding you against your will for an indefinite period, isolating you from friends and family, and denying you access to appropriate medical care. You will of course be billed for this treatment - assuming you survive it. If not, the release form absolves your caretakers of all responsibility for your suffering and death. Welcome to the Church of Scientology."

Well, the contract in question is apparently in active use by the cult. Take a look at the most condemning piece of evidence for it, an advertisement for a job opening over at the Razzline, a Scientologist run cyberspace place for scientologists (SCN's) only to post news, ads and such. The ad is asking for help to muzzle a troubled 21 year old. Because it concerns an unnamed young man in distress, I ask that you say a prayer that the proposed action against him is prevented. Here's the ad:

USA - Urgently need someone experienced in muzzled destim program

Published July 26th, 2007 in CLASSIFIED and JOB OPPORTUNITY.
From: Dan Dempster
USA - Urgently need someone experienced in muzzled destim program

I’m urgently looking for someone who is experienced to do a muzzled destimulation program with a 21-year-old male. May take a number of weeks. Large male preferred. $800 per week plus all expenses.
Beautiful location on a 25-acre waterfront property on a large lake.

Call me right away.

One becomes a member of this RAZZLINE by following the rules in the Membership section. Here are some but not all of the rules:
"How to Sponsor a friend: To sponsor someone you need to inform me of the following things: - That you know the person you’re sponsoring personally - as in you’ve met them face-to-face.- You know them to be a SCN in good standing."

So it is clear that a scientologist named Dan Dempster is looking to provide this terrible violation of essential freedom right to a young man in distress in Los Angeles, CA as I write this. How many others have survived (or not survived) it?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Just Give 'em Access to All the Facts & They Can Figure it Out Themselves

Just Give 'em access to all the facts & They Can Figure it Out Themselves!

First, The amazing FAIR Law Suit Tape:

"This tape is as relevant today as it was in 1986 just after L. Ron Hubbard died. I saw this again recently over at Mark Bunker's WOGBLOG, which gives more details.
In the early 80’s, a group of Scientologists started a class-action lawsuit against Scientology. They called their group FAIR. Michael Flynn was brought in to talk to them through the years to share the progress on his various suits. In 1986, they invited him to handle the class action suit."

"For the first time on the net, here is the videotape of a meeting held on Feb. 15, 1986 in which Flynn addressed FAIR and invited Scientologists in attendance to join in the suit if they wished. Most were there to seek justice. As usual a fair number of people were there to disrupt the event. They get asked to leave."

Here is another wonderful blog piece I read today. The hyperlinks are mine, added for reference.

moving in brilliant timing -- The Downside of Higher Education
berkeley314159 at Live Journal 03:51 pm July 1st, 2007

"Thanks to my religion class, I have spent approximately 16 of the last 36 hours reading about Scientology. To say that this has left me in a bit of a mental whirlpool would be an understatement. I now know more about Scientology, it's detractors, and it's splinter groups than ever before. Truth be told, I had no idea that Scientology has splinter groups, but they do. Some of them appear to be pure opportunists, figuring that if people will pay $44,500 for OTIII training materials (not a fake number) than they would happily pay half that amount. Others, believe it or not, feel that the church has strayed from L. Ron Hubbard's original vision and structure since his death in the mid-80s, and offer a 'pure' version of Scientology. The whole experience has been intriguing, bizarre, and at times disturbing, and even though I'm just supposed to give a 10-15 minute presentation, I think at this point I could easily take up the whole two hours and forty minutes. Sadly, I have no idea what this information will ever do for me past the end of the semester. I guess I could use it as a conversation starter at parties (if I ever went to any): "Hey, did you know that during a Scientology audit the E-meter they use runs as much electricity through your system as one session of electroshock therapy? No? Want some punch?" "
re: The Downside of Higher Education.

"I really enjoyed this blog post of yours! You may not think what you learned will be of value after school end but you have already made an impact by what you have written here. It's already being discussed on usenet and hopefully it will remain on the internet for others to read for years to come. You also have the added personal advantage of being prepared for the future in discerning religious wolves dressed in sheeps clothing.

Just in case readers ask for references on your comment about the Scientology E-Meter voltage to the person vs ECT, here are 2 that you probably read, which I found helpful in understanding what was being done to me over the many years as a member receiving their 'therapy' while giving up my freedoms one by one to do the will of L. Ron Hubbard.

Subliminal Shock Therapy? by Arnaldo Lerma

The E-Meter Papers - How Does Scientology Auditing Work? The Hidden Influence...
by Arnaldo Lerma "Just how long would I have to run a small electric current through your body, while telling you things that you wanted to hear, before you became convinced that I held the secrets of the universe? " I just thank God I'm alive! Some never made it. :( Best wishes for a bright and stable future ~ Mary McConnell "