Monday, February 05, 2007


The truth of how scientology has been victimizing Keith Henson should never be suppressed. If there is ever an undate to the following documentary, the story of Keith Henson should be a priority in content to add.

FRIEND OF MANKIND - by Karl-Rainer Blumenthal
L. Ron Hubbard always wanted to be known as a 'friend of mankind' but his legacy, as documented in this film by Purinton Pictures, is quite different.
"Friend of Mankind (2006) is a non-fiction documentary film about writer L. Ron Hubbard, his devoted celebrity followers and those who have died through his prescribed methods for the Church of Scientology. It is comprised primarily of footage from film and television interviews."
Blumenthal's 2006 documentary takes a critical look at the"accomplishments, controversies and followers of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, comprised of American, English and German television broadcasts from the last 37 years"

Here's why:

"Scientology activist arrested" News:- "Keith Henson is a longtime acquaintance of mine," Maggie emailed on the weekend. "Nobody knew where he was for a few years until yesterday when he was arrested: he'd fled the country in fear of his life in 2001.

"Please help me spread the word. I'm really afraid for him."

An outspoken anti-Scientology activist, Hensen is an electrical engineer, "and writer on life extension, cryonics, memetics and Evolutionary psychology," says the Wikipedia.

He was arrested Saturday night on a bench warrant and at a hearing today (February 5), Henson's lawyers said they're fighting for his release.

Hensen fled to Canada after death threats and his wife says she's still afraid he'll be murdered.

Why has he been targeted by the cult, founded by sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1952 and which today boasts actor Tom Cruise among its members?

Seven years ago Hensen was innocuously watching another critic mock Scientologists on a Net newsgroup," says 10 Zen Monkeys, going on:

In a gonzo discussion about procuring a 'Tom Cruise missile,' they’d joked about working with 'Secret Agent 99, wearing a stunning black leather biker outfit.' Other posters joined in the internet discussion, asking whether Tom Cruise missiles are affected by wind.”No way,” Keith joked. “Modern weapons are accurate to a matter of a few tens of yards.

The police were informed of his 'threatening' posts, and Henson was arrested.

The police tipsters were the Scientologists themselves, who had already been the targets of an annoying picketing campaign by Henson over the death of a woman near their complex. Besides Henson’s inability to acquire long-range missiles, his wife notes bitterly that it would be impossible for any church members in the complex to feel threatened by the internet posts, since they aren't even allowed to access the internet. Scientology officials have also claimed Henson followed their employees home _ though Henson counters that 'the same people who claimed to have been 'terrorized' by the picketers offered to take them to lunch on June 25, 2000, evidently to distract them from the death scene being cleaned up.'

Though Henson was found innocent of long-range missile terrorism, for his activities he was convicted of interfering with a church - a California hate crime for which he received a six-month misdemeanor prison sentence. But Henson said he feared his life would be in danger from Scientologists if he were imprisoned - and he fled to Canada in 2001.

He was already bankrupt from an earlier ruling that he’d infringed on Scientology copyrights. But Henson continued picketing Scientologists in Toronto, and they apparently retaliated by informing Canadian police of his presence. (Henson believes the Scientologists told police he was a terrorist and bomb maker.) L.A. Weekly reported two unmarked vans pulled up and 'a handful of emergency-services task-force officers - Canada’s version of a police SWAT team - spilled out, wearing body armor and carrying submachine guns.' Describing the event, the EFF reported Henson was 'arrested in a shopping mall parking lot, by a heavily armed paramilitary unit.'

EFF Executive Director Shari Steele argued that Free speech was at stake in his case: 'This trial seems intended to punish Mr. Henson for his opposition to a powerful organization using the barest thread of legal justification to do so.'

His wife added in an interview with a Canadian newsweekly that “It’s horrifying to me and to his friends how they’ve managed to twist his words.”

Henson was ultimately released from a Canadian jail after filing an application for political asylum — reportedly the first ever accepted for review by the Canadian government, and for the next three years he lived as an expatriate in Canada, awaiting their decision.

"Besides being a digital encryption and free speech advocate, he's one of the original Burr-Brown/Texas Instruments researchers and a co-founder of the Space Colony movement," says a slashdot post.

DIGG IT BY SPREADING THE NEWS: 'Scientologist activist arrested' News:- "Keith Henson is a longtime acquaintance of mine," Maggie emailed on the weekend. "Nobody knew where he was for a few years until yesterday when he was arrested: he'd fled the country in fear of his life in 2001. "Please help me spread the word. I'm really afraid for him."

As for me, here is all I gotta say.......Keith Henson is yet another victim of L.Ron Hubbard's FAIR GAME police which Scientology incorporates into it's scheme to render it's opponients silent. Thank you Maggie and thank you Digg for helping make this matter known to the public.