Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Remember this July google groups post attributing comments to Karen Black as bad mouthing scientology?

"it's run by evil, greedy people and I don't want anything to do with them. "
Operation Clambake's alt.religion.scientology WEEK-IN-REVIEW
Volume 10, Issue 29 - July 22 2006

Well, Arnie Lerma's EXPOSING THE CON at http://www.LERMANET. has pulled it's copy:

"Nota Bene: I have been reliably informed that A July 17th statement attributed to Actress Karen Black is not true, so the paragraph has been pulled, a further statement will follow as Lermanet.com is dedicated to telling you the truth. " http://www.lermanet.com/

Many of us would have liked it to be true- at least it be true that she is no longer Scientology. I am sure there is far too much to risk by going public, especially having a mother-in-law who is so involved for so many years and had numerous reasons to leave herself, but all HER kids are scientologists....... disconnection would seem very difficult unless several left at the same time.

Many families have been shattered by Hubbard's disconnection policy but truth exposed will be what sets people free.

Here's a recent expose' in the St. Petersburg Times Tampa Bay ed article:

"The unperson" "Scientologists who cross their religion can be declared suppressive persons, shunned by peers and ostracized by family"
By ROBERT FARLEY, Times Staff WriterPublished June 24, 2006

For those so effected or those wanting to leave but are fearful of being ostracized, there is hope and help. I love what the Aaron family is doing to correct this inherent injustice:

I seek truth because the truth is what sets me free from the very things I am trapped by. Hubbard brilliantly designed a trap where a scientologist is lead by the anticipation of 'what is to come' -- NOT by--- 'what was actually delivered.' He even set it up so that complainers or doubters were ostracized, making it clear to members that they had better keep ther mouth shut. Which is what many members and ex-members sadly do. Hubbard was a brilliant man who took basic truths and expounded on them and twisted them to his own advantage, called in the troops to help him build this empire called Scientology.

The advantage was to control people as effortlessly as possible, call it religion and gain power and money at the expense of it's victims.

So I don't blame gifted people like Karen Black and Renee Duke for not taking a public stand against scientology even if they wanted to. It's easier to say nada. Just live life in spite of it.

Karen has her own blog http://karenblackactress.blogspot.com/ which I have posted to, and her own web site www.karenblack.com .

I notice good choices and changes in recent times. Coincidence or not, Karen gets kudos for living life on her terms. Not the terms dictated by others, esp those under scientology's influence.

~ FormerlyFooled

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11