Thursday, November 08, 2007

Scientology Corporate Fraud?

This morning Hawk Radio presented The Edge with Tom Smith featuring Larry Brennan, former high level scientology staff member who was intimately involved in the corporate set up of the tax exempt organization known as The Church of Scientology.

The timing of this show could not have been better. Atop news story from UPI yesterday is titled U.S. televangelists under finance scrutiny

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, may I suggest including the Church of Scientology in those audits? There may not be Rolls Royce puchases but there are many many gag agreements paid out to shut up those who have been victimized by scientology and it's front groups, like Narconon. Back in 1993, there may well have been some extortion in obtaining IRS tax exemption when the supreme court had already ruled that Scientology donations were not tax deductable.

After listening to Larry Brennan reveal some of the remaining pieces of the puzzle in how Scientology diverted funds to L. Ron Hubbard's inurement and still became a legalized non-profit religious "church", I'm sure you'll agree that it's worth investigating.

Readers can catch the taping of this show at either of these links:
13 Meg 55 Min
26 Meg 55 min

This is considered 'A devastating interview. Religious cloaking, corporate frauds, director perjury, disconnection, enforced abortions, slave camps and naziesque conduct.' I agree.

Larry Brennan did a very good job of explaining the hows and whys of his days in the Corporate bureau of the church. Many members were personally effected by what occurred during the Guardian's Office days and tumultuous early 80's. Insider Brennan goes into detail about the activities of leader David Miscavige and what he was doing to run the church he claimed to have no management connection to. We hear about Miscavige's terrible anger issues and what he is still doing to members who protest against the lies and illegalities he's propagated on behalf of the church. This hour long show is just the tip of the iceburg.

Listening to it brought to mind the courageous Gerry Armstrong, former member & archivist for L. Ron Hubbard. Here is his description of the beginning days of his adventures in questioning the lies he was being told to keep going. Scientology vs Armstrong.

There are many others who were there during this era in Scientology. More and more are defecting scientology. I'm looking forward to hearing more and appreciate Larry Brennan joining ranks with courageous people like Armstrong.

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