Saturday, February 02, 2008 interviews Arnie Lerma: Criticism of Tom Cruise "A propaganda minister of the present" for Scientology

A unofficial translation of the very recent interview with Arnie Lerma:

Tom Cruise- A propaganda minister of the present
Kritik an Tom Cruise: 'Ein Propagandaminister der Gegenwart' -
Lifestyle - 1/30/2008

Criticism of Tom Cruise
"A propaganda minister of the present"

The Cruise-Goebbels comparison of TV historian Guido Knopp has triggered controversial discussions. In interview explained Arnie Lerma, America Scientology's number one enemy, which he compared to perfectly justified.

Arnie Lerma is considered the best known Scientology critics in the United States. From his 18th Let on he was part of the group. In his ten years of Scientology, he climbed up into the elite Sea Organization ". When Lerma and the daughter of founder L. Ron Hubbard, Suzette Hubbard, fell in love and the wanted to get married, he was under considerable pressure by Scientology to end the relationship. Finally, it came to a Florida hours of interrogation. Lerma:
"The deal was: 'We will give you a guarantee of safe passage out of the state of Florida with all body parts attached if you tell Suzette Hubbard the marriage is off.' "
Lerma turned his back on Scientology, and since 1992 he deals intensively with researching and exposing the methods of the group. It was in the mid-nineties that the now 57-year-old made the original documents of the science-fiction-like Scientology doctrine public worldwide for the first time made. Lerma, who operates the Web site was therefore Scientology by sued.

Mr. Lerma, that German historian said of Cruise in that video of the phrase "Are we gonna clean up this place?" Says, compared with Joseph Goebbels. The Germans once asked: "Do you want total war?". Did quite the historian - or he exaggerates?
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Is the historian right - or is he exaggerating?

"The parallels to a minister of propaganda aren't far fetched. The concept of a total war is deeply rooted in the mindset of every convinced scientologist. "Clean this place up" means "clear the planet" - which means to cleanse Earth of all enemies of Scientology. Cruise mediates an ideology of hate. He also does it whenever he speaks about "suppressive persons", who are enemies of Scientology, so called "suppresives". There is a Scientology textbook named
"Shattering Suppression". On the cover you can see a face being shattered."

"Unlike the latest Cruise biography, which calls him the 2nd most important Scientologist, I would take it one step further: Cruise is the most important Scientologist of them all, because he is the best promoter of the organization. So, indeed he is some kind of minister of propaganda."

Are comparisons with the "Third Reich" not generally covered?

"If you take a closer look at the whole thing, you can see it: the way Scientology does things undercover and makes propaganda for its own ideas is identical to the totalitarian dogma of the Third Reich. The obscure Scientology slang, which Tom Cruise uses as well, is nothing but a cover-up tactic. The strange diction hides the horrible goals and the obvious historic precursors. This language makes scrutinization very difficult, because most people have never heard of made-up terms like "suppressive person". The master-plan is to hide the true dimension of the whole thing."

" Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wanted to program members of Scientology in a way, that makes euthanasia seem like a feasible alternative, instead of fulfilling the needs of a human society. Hubbard was hoping that one day, when enough people realized what Scientology really is, it would already be too late. He said: "Because of that, we have to make sure that (on that day) we are the ones who so say what is the law and what is not."

Nevertheless, the Scientologist Cruise has just played Count Stauffenberg, also an opponent of Hitler.

"Shooting the movie "Valkyrie" had a lot in common with a diversionary tactic. It's stage magic. It's supposed to get the attention of the Germans and focus it into another direction, so they won't be aware of how dangerous the organization really is. I'm pretty sure, that the minds behind Scientology knew exactly why Cruise chose to shoot "Valkyrie", and why he chose to shoot it in Germany. They have an agenda. Because of their history, Germans tend to see the ideology of Scientology for what it really is. Plus: their country (Germany) shares its history with people from around the world. "Valkyrie" was a pre-emptive measure to take the wind out of the critics' sails. It's just another cover-up tactic"

And Cruise is part of this tactic?

"Yes. He truly believes, what other people tell him to believe. The videos of him prove it. At the same time, they show the psychological warfare, that the organization uses against its own members, in order to keep them trapped in some sort of dream-world. How are we supposed to take those people seriously? A scientologist believes, that the spirits of dead aliens are inside his body."

Interview: Jof Isert

My God,! Arnie Lerma did it! He managed to get that message out to the very people who will be able to understand it the most and be able to do something with it!! Excellent!! Together with the video is priceless

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The video of Cruise accepting his award is against this backdrop of information. There are links to many other articles on scientology, seemingly all current and including another interview by a german fellow.

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