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The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection

Here's a re-post of an important recent statement authored by Lawrence(Larry)Brennan, a former member and high ranking administrator of the Church of Scientology.

Whenever Larry posts, I listen because he's one of the most important witnesses to the deceptive corporate shenannagans played against the IRS by the Church of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige. Here's his latest:

Operation Clambake Message Board [..] SME posted: Tue Nov 11, 2008

“The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection” – Posting #10 – November 11, 2008

As covered in the first posting of this series, I am here listing a quote by David Miscavige in a legal document.

I. David Miscavige’s Quote:

From “DECLARATION OF DAVID MISCAVIGE” – Larry Wollersheim vs. Church of Scientology of Calfornia – 15 October 1999:


“33. During the late 1970's to 1980, while producing religious training films, as well as 1980 to his passing in 1986, while in seclusion continuing his research and writing, Mr. Hubbard lived away from his wife, Mary Sue. This point is important. While Mr.Hubbard was the Founder of the religion, he did not hold any corporate position. His role was the inspiration and Source of the religion's teachings. Mrs. Hubbard was the head of the Guardian's Office. As the Founder's wife she was, of course, held in high regard in the religion. The GO was, in fact, answerable to no one except those in the GO, and Mrs. Hubbard held the highest position in the GO”.

II. The truth about the subject matter quoted:

In the above quote Miscavige carefully chooses his words to try not to perjure himself. For example he talks of L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”) living away from his wife and holding no corporate position. And, he says that MarySue Hubbard held the highest position in the Guardian’s Office (“GO”). What he carefully omits is the meaninglessness of these statements.

Corporate “on paper” control was never the real control used for any length of time within organized scientology. Although he did not hold corporate controls on paper then, that never stopped LRH in the slightest from ordering into and controlling all major sectors of organized scientology including the GO. Whether or not he physically lived with his wife had nothing to do with his ability to order into the GO yet Miscavige states that to mislead the reader into assuming the fact of their physical separation actually has some relevance to the issue of control of the GO. It does not.

While Mary Sue Hubbard was indeed in a senior position to the Guardian World Wide while she held a position entitled “Commodore’s Staff Guardian” (later to be renamed to “Controller”) she was not in fact the senior most person to run the GO. Miscavige’s statement that she held the highest position in the GO is misleading at best. The fact is that while LRH had no title as being over the GO, he was in fact the senior most person over the GO itself.

Mary Sue indeed gave many orders into the GO and oversaw many activities of the GO. But the policies that the GO was trained on and the major strategic orders to the GO were overwhelmingly by and from LRH. This includes many policies, “Guardian’s Orders” as well as many of the major GO plans, programs and orders.

I was a fully trained and interned Legal Staff Member within the Guardian’s Office with over 9 years of experience of legal under Hubbard, mostly within the GO. Between July 1976 and July 1981 I worked at the headquarters of the GO in East Grinstead in the UK known as GO World Wide. I can tell you that there were so many LRH orders, programs, plans, etc (and compliances to same) in those GOWW files that it took some 100 or so GOWW staff and students weeks to vet out them or remove them from GOWW files alone after the FBI had raided GO offices in the USA.

These showed years of LRH control of many GO activities.
In just the GO legal “corporate” area alone, LRH himself was deeply involved in major corporate evolutions and scams from the beginning and in fact directed the GO with respect to handlings for same throughout the history of the GO.

This included corporate matters where money was secretly funneled to Hubbard for years and goes right up to and through that actual corporate sortout in 1981-1983.

A few examples of LRH controlling corporate/legal GO matters from personal history include:

1) LRH being the one behind the mid 70s "Greater Churches of Scientology" plan that GO US was following to set up backup corporations for each "church" corporation in the mid 70s. This was so new corporations were ready to start in the event the IRS seized all assets of church corporations in the US via jeopardy assessment. LRH wrote then that the real assets of any org were its staff and contacts and not the cash, buildings, etc. so he instructed the GO to get ready with backup corporations that could be funded from financial sources outside of the IRS's reach if needed. (Note: the wildest thing really about "all the IRS problems" through the decades is that most stem, not from GO mishandlings, but from the abusive written or other policies of LRH himself including the millions of millions of dollars he insisted constantly inure to his own private benefit).

Again, LRH was causing the problems, not the GO. And, he was directing the GO to cover them up;

2) You can see documents from earlier posts on alt religion scientology by others seized in the FBI raids on "the church" showing Deputy Guardian USGO's telexes to LRH where LRH's approval was being gotten on funds to use to purchase the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater. CSC (Church of Scientology of California) funds could be used and they would secretly go though a phony front corporation called "Southern Land Development and Leasing Corporation" (SLDLC). Hubbard was not only behind this but his approval was needed on anything major that the GO did involving this. I myself was on the first "SLDLC" mission in Savannah, Georgia where I and a "Commodore Staff Aide" were checking out the Savannah Country Club as a possible location for Flag when the ship came ashore. When that was given up as not practical, Florida was chosen and LRH himself had to approve it being Clearwater;

3) After the whole SLDLC/UCF (United Churches of Florida) scam blew up in Clearwater, I wrote a corporate program to stabilize "Flag" in Florida. It was LRH himself who wrote to me with his approval of what the program covered and asking me to get "Flag" a consumer's certificate of exemption there so that it could operate and not have to be considered as a business and have to charge sales taxes. I did that and complied to LRH;

4) In GOWW, LRH constantly had to approve major corporate structures and other legal actions. He had to approve CSC being used as the main corporation in the UK for a time (when it was thought CSC would be tax exempt in the US and that would be a good positioning for the UK);

5) LRH's were the orders I had to follow to set up the first WISE corporation in Liechtenstein (which we didn't use as LRH did not like the "Limited" in the name as he said that killed the PR for WISE);

6) I had LRH's own orders on Corporate Sortout Matters from the early 80s where he pushed first one team and then my own team to come up with legal solutions to mask his control of the organizations of scientology and gave his own instructions on how to brief the attorneys;

7) LRH's own orders were used for the actual corporate sortout
missions that put in such things as RTC, CSI, broke up CSC, etc.;

8 ) LRH’s orders were the ones followed to set up and get operational Scientology Missions International in a way to get great tax advantages and to try to avoid legal liabilities. A copy of one of his orders on this matter is contained in section 16 of my declaration from May 2008:

9) LRH continued to order us well into 1983 about all that and more.

I could give many, many more examples but the above are given to point out that it was LRH who controlled the GO back then, the legal actions it took and it was that same LRH who controlled it after the GO, despite all that Miscavige says to deny this.

Likewise Miscavige’s statement of LRH being in seclusion from 1980 to 1986 is equally misleading. Not only were his orders used in 1981 to help restructure organized scientology corporately but for much of the time that I was on the Watchdog Committee in 1982 and 1983 I received and complied to orders from LRH weekly covering major legal matters involving organized scientology, royalties, etc. At that same time LRH was ordering me on such matters, he was also ordering all of the other WDC members on matters involving the sectors they oversaw.

Miscavige frequently uses corporate veils to hide the real controls by saying people had no corporate authority and thus could not have controlled organized scientology. However to Miscavige and LRH before him corporate was only a cover to hide the real controls. I personally educated Miscavige and got his approval on much of organized scientology’s corporate structure and have personal knowledge of hundreds of examples of his violating it while he ran organized scientology when employed in Author Service in the early 1980s despite his statements under penalty of perjury to the contrary

A great deal more can be covered on what Miscavige lied about in the above quote but this information should be enough to make my point.

(III). My vote: “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection”

While Miscavige’s wordings in the above noted quote were designed to mislead the reader (“Misdirection”), together they paint a very false picture of the controls of the GO. So much so that IMHO David Miscavige committed Perjury in his above statement.

Comments from anyone who wants to give them on this thread will be welcome. I welcome both agreement and disagreement and suggest that those concerned vote for “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection” as they see fit.

Eventually I plan to post on my blog the top actual examples of David Miscavige’s greatest perjury, lies and misdirecting statements to deflect attention away from organized scientology’s misdeeds as voted on by the general public. It should be interesting.

If any others reading this thread may want to add in their own examples of the truth which may be even more relevant than my own, please feel free to do so.

The entire list of these postings as well as other series’ of postings I plan to make through this next year will be found on my blogspot:

Larry Brennan
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Did David Miscavige commit perjury using lies and misdirection? From the above and from my own experience as a former longtime member of scientology, I say it's more than lies and misdirection. I say it's perjury.

~ Mary McConnell