Friday, December 07, 2007

German ministers say Scientology unconstitutional

Scientology is unconstitutional in many countries, including the United States despite it's tax exempt status. Scientology is like Wisteria - invasive, destructive and difficult to get rid of.

The Germans are trying to avoid what happened in their past and what happened to America.

Catch The Washington Post's article:

German ministers say Scientology unconstitutional
By Louis Charbonneau
Additional reporting by Markus Krah; Editing by Andrew Dobbie
Friday, December 7, 2007; 9:15 AM

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Hightee Hana Butzlaff scam. Another Scientologist Scammer Caught in the act.

I was over at usenet Newsgroupsalt.religion.scientology today and read:
The sad story of a young scientologist.

The author, starts out by informing us that

"Her parents are scientologists. She is a scientologist. What went wrong? Did the tech, again, not work? Is she the product of what is widely recognized as a scam CULT? All I know is that she became a con, a scam artist......."

He supplies some links, which I proceed to visit and read. The INQUIRER: Boy racers catch dumb blonde fraudster :

"A BOARD devoted to boy racers has done a sterling job outing a woman who tried to con one of its number out of cash for a Wii."

Scam Busters - The Hightee Hana Butzlaff scam

"Due to the stupidity of the scammer, within a day the game was up, and more info had been dug up than most would dream of making available on the net. Proving the stupidity of the scammer." [..]

"Given the response of the appeal to the victim of the scam, and the humour generated by it all, it was decided it was worthy of a tribute site. Now when you Google Hightee Butzlaff, voila, the truth is out."..... [..]

The outcome of this story began when the youthful victim decided to post this comment over at scoobynet's Subaru forum :

On the 9th of November I was searching for some Wii's on ebay ... pressing the newly listed button Three come for sale @ £180+£30 postage 110191167492 , so i thought right i'll have one thiniking the guy would be making his money on the postage and all looked fine ,

Anyhow a few days passed and it didnt turn up , so i contacted the seller and didnt get a reply ..... right time for a paypal dispute , As you know these things take time , after checking again I see that the guy has been kicked off ebay,

Thought I would drop him/her a email saying I will be reporting him to the police if he doesn't refund my money and I got a reply....

"Look mate, I don't even live in the Uk so go ahead."

So I replied , Look I have your details so please refund my money"

Miss Hightee H. Butzlaff

Mobile: xxxxxxx

E-mail: hightee.butzlaff@xxxxx

xxxxxxx road , sunnyside east grinstead

And she replied ... "in your dreams"

That was the beginning of the end of this scam. There are over 33 pages of comments filled with information about this girl, including the fact that she's a scientologist, raised by scientologists.

She is now in the league with other criminal scientologist scam artists . The organization itself is considered an unethical organization in numerous countries, including Holland and France, and it's been said that "The only "Sin" in Scientology is Getting Caught" The recent Inside Edition story on Mortgage Scam Artist, scientologist Herb Zerden, proves that point. There are so many criminal convictions of scientologists that the Lermanet page titled 'Index of the Criminal History of Scientology, Scientology Ministers, and L Ron Hubbard' is a continual work in progress.

I do feel sorry for the girl, in a way. Being raised in scientology is a terrible experience, as demonstrated in this article ' Scientology's Effect on Children ' You would have thought that Hightee Hana Butzlaff would have considered the consequences. Her professional reputation cannot but be ruined. Her provactive photos are is all over the net now

Look to her myspace... She apparently has few friends/ Actually, her only "friends" are named Tom. hehehe!

Butzlaff wrote and illustrated a book, Infinite Darkness, described as
"An adventure of 4 young people who have amazing powers, they have to work together to fight the evil in this world! Beautiful color pages with amazing characters. 16 A4 color pages, paperback."

Sounds like Hightee Hana Butzlaff needs to find those 3 friends she's apparently lost. I hope she realizes that the WOG world is not going to tolerate scams like scientologists do. In the real world, justice can prevail. For scientologists, apathy prevails until they escape.

Kudos to Scoobynet Subaru members

Update Dec 7,2007: Hightee took her photo album off the net and eliminated both Tom's off her myspace. The replacement photo is courtesy of MySpace