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What's the deal here?
Rev Al Buttnor working for them and writing these pages?

FYI:Scientology running the Armed Services chaplaincaresite?
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Requests for personal information require a signature and can not be
processed through this online form. Instead, please follow the Privacy
Act request instructions. (Personal information includes, but is not
limited to, information about current or former service members and
employees of the Department of the Navy.)

Dear FOIA Officer:

This is a request filed under the Freedom of Information Act. I

Tell what kind of record(s) you are requesting. Select one of these.
a copy of the following documents be provided to me:
documents containing the following information be provided to me:
all documents containing information regarding the following topic be
provided to me:
I would like to have all electronic and writtten correspondence and
documentation related to the acceptance of the information and sources
of information used in the the creation and the maintenance of the
website information of this page:

I would like all informational documents related to supervisory approval
for this to be on the internet.
I was alerted to it by a newsgroup post and I am very concerned about
the biased information you have on that web page. Before I can address
the=is with the person in control, I would like all infomation and
documents related to how it came to be alowed, created and
dissemminated to navy personnel.

This is on the navy's website..........

>Narconon is a rehabilitation program, assisting individuals to overcome their drug dependencies. Their Purification Rundown procedure involves exercise, sauna, vitamins and drills. Narcanon has 37 locations in Canada, United States and other countries. Independent studies have showed that about 75% of Narconon graduates have remained off drugs when they were checked two years after completing the program. This is a success rate that is considerably higher than most programs.

What independent studies????????? Sound like a member of scientology
wrote this and it needs to be corrected. I have already writen, your
turn. "
Thank you
Subject: DON CASE FILE NO. XXXXXXXXX; Acknowledgement Letter
Date: 9/21/2006 4:00:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx
Your Freedom of Information Act request of September 15, 2006, in which
you seek information about the Navy Chaplain website, was received by
this office on September 18, 2006, and assigned DON Case File No.

If you have any questions regarding your request, please contact
Shaw at (202) 685-6530 between the hours of 0600-1500, or email your
inquiry to


Sarah English
Head, CNO/SECNAV FOIA Requester Service Center
(202) 685-6546

Original Message-----
From: FOIA Website []
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 18:47
To: Lama, Doris OPNAV
Cc: English, Sarah CNO
Subject: Online FOIA Request


Request type: topic

Records Requested: I was alerted by a newsgroup post that you have
misinformation on your web site.
I saw many inaccuracies. I was a member for 18 yrs, and I am not
I am very concerned. A balanced view can be seen from:
I would like to have all electronic and written correspondence and
documentation related to the acceptance of the information and sources
of information, supervisory approval for data used in the the creation
and the maintenance of the scientology programs section of this page
if there was any monetary exchange given:
The newsgroup post:Ok Everyone, It's Time to Write the Navy This is on
the navy's website..........
Thank you.

Requestor Status: Individual

News Media:

Fee or Waiver: waiverrequested

Amount of Fee

Waiver Explanation: I am dismayed that the website contains false and
misleading information contributed by Church Of Scientology & it's
affiliate organizations and members which have not met scientific
standards and government credibility procedures required to ensure
accuracy, which may cause Navy personnel, their families and internet
public to be seriously misled.
I believe public need to know how resources and references and facts
obtained for placement on government web sites, particularly those
which provide information for personnel and public.It would be a
financial burden for me to personally pay the fees. I will ensure the
documents received are provided to the webmaster of the webpage first,
so that the page can be reviewed and corrected.

Address: xxxxxxxxxx


City: xxxxxxxxxxxx

State: xx

Zip Code: xxxxx

IP Address: xxxxxxxx
DON CASE FILE NO. xxxxxxxxx My 9/15/06 request ( rec'd by your office

Google cache link of original page. Internet Archives cache for:

Dear Ms Shaw,

Per our conversation, the original page I requested documentation on
was changed after 9/17/06. Google took a cache of it on 9/17/06 before
it was changed. It is this page that my request began with and I want
to ensure that you have all the information related to the purpose and
need of that request.

As of today, google shows a cache update of the page dated 9/23, which
is consistent with the current page that omits what I wrote
about.Fortunately, I downloaded the 9/17 cache as a safemeasure.

Additional documentation: Internet Archive
The web page listing Scientology programs Narconon and Purification, as
seen on the 9/17/06 cache attached can also be seen at the via the
Internet Archive via Wayback Machine. This page was archived 93
timesover at the Internet Archive from Sept 19, 2001- Mar 7, 2005 (- *
denotes when site was updated. )

Since this web site stopped participating in the archiving of this
page, you can use the information on the found archived pages as a
foundation for my request but the 9/15/06 thru 9/17/06 page should be
completely compared to current and previous pages in the event changes
occurred in the interim.*/

My request concerns primarily the content requiring verificationof
statements claimed as fact: ie Scientology Programs Narconon &
Purification programs, mentioned as I saw it on 9/17/06 ,which you can
see in the attached download copy of the cached page.

Sadly, the current page is now more biased than when I made the
complaint! Numerous important statements and links that added some
balance to the information scientology provides is now gone. As I
requested, I want to know who is making the decisions for this page.
Additionally, why the critical information is no longer up there. I
think I am entitled to this since the page was changed before the
online request from their web page reached your office on 9/18/06

Thank you for your assistance;

Attached: my file copy 9/17/06 google cache htm
( link below takes you to updated 9/23/06 cache)

Copy of the dated pages available in the Internet Archive as of today:

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To be continued...........