Wednesday, July 08, 2009

FormerlyIn and those Pics and Sketches

I would like to set the record straight . The below pic set is of 2 different people. The one on the left if Marcel Femine of NY. I gave all the info on the left pic to those involved in the FormerlyIn matter and they ignored it. The guy on the right is a new pic of someone harassing anons. I do not believe these 2 pics are of the same person.

Someone in NY Anonymous photo took this photo of Marcel in 2008. Here he is Outside NY Org : Unknown guy on the left, and Marcel Femine, right:

I knew Marcel and his wife. He worked for OSA NY, she was then NY Day staff. Here are some more pics of him. Not sure of his status now but she is an FMS.

The Marcel and Lucille Femine Family taken probably about 15 yrs ago.

FormerlyIn's sketch, which looks nothing like the photo FormerlyIn's friend supplied:

Well That sketch looks more like Frank Scardella of NY org or Marcel's son Judson. You decide:

And that sketch does not look like the guy in this poster. It is a pic of Marcel Femine, as it definately is Marcel. Look at his facebook pic

Seeing all this made me wonder if OSA was harassing Marcel Femine but he's still from all reports so......