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Bashir: "Newt Gingrich is the modern incarnation of the late L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology"

During his December 14 closing commentary, Martin Bashir made this comparison of Newt Gingrich to L Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology and well... he should know!*

Martin Bashir, MSNBC "Clear the Air"

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msnbc transcript: Bashir: Newt Gingrich most akin to L. Ron Hubbard

" It's time now to clear the air and ever since he shot to the top of the republican race for the white house, i've been trying to figure out which historical figure newt gingrich most resembles. from the first century one might be tempted to call him a modern day st. augustin. mr. gingrich would probably like the comparison, especially since augustin's best known work is his book of confessions. in terms of literature it's possible to see newt gingrich as shakespeare's king lehr, a man of immense wealth who descends into madness after succumbing to flattery and brings only tragedy to all that he touches. as one character says of lehr and might now be said of gingrich, the prince of darkness is a gentleman. but when you study newt gingrich's writings it quickly becomes apparent that he's a perfect combination of religiousocity and insanity. just recently he tried to stir up fears that islamic sharia law was about to be imposed on every corner of the world. sharia law, he says, is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the united states and the world as we know it. but at the same time as offering a pessimistic and foreboding view of our future on earth, he seems completely optimistic about what may be happening elsewhere in the universe. in his book to renew america, published in 1995, gingrich says honeymoons in space will be the vogue by 2020. you know, the more i think about newt gingrich, the less i believe he's like st. augustin or king leer. in fact, there's one only person that comes close to newt gingrich, a science fiction writer so grandiose that he created his own religion. newt gingrich, the peddler of myths and fantasies, is the modern incarnation of the late el ron hubbard, the founder of scientology. thanks"

*Martin Bashir on Scientology 24th October 2009

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Church of Scientology facing back-pay claims - ABC Newcastle NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Church of Scientology facing back-pay claims - ABC Newcastle NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Church of Scientology is facing the prospect of back-pay claims that on some estimates could run into millions of dollars.

In March last year the ABC's Four Corners broadcast a program containing allegations of mistreatment and exploitation of some of the church's most loyal members.

The next day, the Fair Work ombudsman started an investigation into the church.

ABC's Lateline has obtained a draft copy of that investigation's report, which contains allegations of false imprisonment and forced labour.

"The allegations ... may potentially be a breach of the provisions of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (cth) dealing with slavery," the draft report says.

"The Fair Work ombudsman will refer the witnesses' allegations to the relevant authority for further investigation."

The report also shows that some workers in the church's elite Sea Org unit were getting paid as little as $10 a week.

The Church of Scientology argued that Sea Org members were not covered by the Fair Work Act because they were in holy orders.

But this was rejected in the draft report which said: "This is not a persuasive view and is not consistent with the law."

The church argues all their religious work is done by volunteers, however, the draft report said: "It is likely the Church of Scientology has incorrectly classified as volunteers or voluntary workers people who are entitled to be classified as employees."

That means many current and former workers could be owed large amounts of back pay.

In the draft report, the ombudsman insists the Church of Scientology appoint an independent consultant who will review its records so they comply with employment laws and awards.

Global ramifications
Mike Rinder, a former chief spokesman for the Church of Scientology in the US, says the report's findings could spur foreign governments to conduct their own investigations.

"I think a bunch of governments particularly in Europe and in the Commonwealth will follow in the footsteps of the Australian Fair Work ombudsman and begin their own investigations and reviews," he told Lateline.

Read on for more....

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You've Got Janet Reitman - The Truth About Scientology -

AOL Video News - You've Got Janet Reitman

The Truth About Scientology

This is so good. Scientology in a nutshell. Thanks, Janet!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Placido Domingo, Jr. Leaves Scientology For Family

This media storm started with a Village Voice interview with the son of a famous opera singer and his leaving Scientology editor in chief, by Tony Ortega . That interview was with Placido Domingo, Jr.

Now this story has gone wild viral. The Los Angeles Times, the Daily Mail UK, FOX News, and the Telegraph UK, among many others have discussed the Church of Scientology policy of disconnection which, by the way, the church keeps trying to say does not exist when it does!

So, let's get this straight. In MAy of 2008, we saw Scientology Spokesman Tommy Davis telling CNN's former Reporter John Roberts ( now with FOX NEWS)that there is no disconnection policy

But Davis was lying. Lying for the church about it's own policy to separate people from loved ones if they choose to leave the cult. You can hear him here in this Feb 2009 video of an openly recorded meeting between he and actor Larry Anderson, who is asking to get a refund of monies paid the church. This story was leaked by the St. St. Petersburg Times and they provide full audio in clips with transcripts of the interview with Anderson Tommy Davis stating that if Anderson goes through with this request for refund, he will not be able to associate with any Scientologist. You can listen to the whole thing here, with the initial few minutes demonstrating the lie.

Yesterday Australian Senator Nick Xenophon spoke with the very popular Kerri-Anne Show in Australia about this disconnection policy in regards to the reports about Domingo Jr. He speaks about knowledge of former scientologists who have been disconnected from their friends and loved ones and what Australia is doing to try and prevent groups like this from benefitting from government tax exempt status with such abuses like this that is happening to Domingo Jr and others who just want the freedom to leave Scientology without being shunned or harassed.

So, the truth is that Scientology disconnection policy is very much alive

I think the author of the Leaving Scientology blogstates it best

Tommy Davis: Portrait of a Liar
Tommy Davis is a liar.

He’s smooth. Polished. Convincing. But a liar nonetheless.

Consider this gem, from a 2008 CNN interview with John Roberts. Roberts asked him about disconnection, asking if it was true that “if you are a member of the Church of Scientology and someone in your family, a friend or spouse is skeptical or critical of the Church of Scientology, you’re supposed to disconnect from that person.”

Davis answers, “There’s no such thing as disconnection as you’ve characterized it…Scientology actually mandates – it’s really part of the code of being a Scientologist – to respect the religious beliefs of others, so certainly a Scientologist is going to respect their family members’ beliefs…We consider the family to be a building block of any society, so anything that is characterized as disconnection or this kind of thing is just not true. There isn’t any such policy in the Church dictating who you can and cannot be in communication with, it just doesn’t happen.”

Now, any Scientologist knows that this is a lie. Disconnection is in Policy. It is in the Ethics book. It is practiced every day. And particularly these days, Scientologists are being hauled in to Ethics and told to disconnect from family and friends, parents and children, or else. Scientologists are being constantly told who they can and cannot be in communication with

With more and more celebrities speaking up and not towing the party line in staying out of fear, maybe more members will wake up take a stand, as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scientology Spokesman admits XENU is real

Somehow I missed this important 2009 NewstalkZB interview with the spokesman of the Church of Scientology of New Zealand. Here he reluctantly confirms that the evil galactic overlord Xenu, is fact a part of Scientology 'scripture', although he states it's part of it's "esoteria" ( top level sekrreet from the flocks of blind lower cult members, myself having once been one of them )

Video: Xenu the Alien - Confirmed by Scientology!!

The cult had previously been denying the existence of Xenu (or XEMU) as demonstrated in this 2008 video after the South Park episode, where "Tommy Davis, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, categorically denied any knowledge of Xenu and the Alien genocide that is a pillar of their faith. In this video, (LRH) L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, describes the story in detail and proves Tommy Davis is a liar and South Park (SP) was right!"

Video: South Park Proved Right About Scientology XENU Story

To help you better digest this baloney, here is a transcript* of the story of Xenu (Xemu) from the audio tape "Class VIII "Assists" Lecture 3 October 1968":

"And they [the "loyal officers"] had elected a fellow by the name of Xemu, ah, could be spelled X-e-m-u, to the supreme ruler, and they were about to un-elect him. And he took the last moments he had in office to really 'goof the floof'.....he got these administrators and so on, and heads of planets in various positions and places.....and then troops not knowing what the hell they were doing, but were fed all kinds of false orders, were [sent in] against the population to pick them up, one after the of the mechanisms they used was to tell them [the population] to come in for an income tax investigation......But the truth of the matter is, that the loyal officers were not all killed. Xemu missed and they were not all killed, not by a long way.....and the administrators and renegades which Xemu had brought in were not very effective and a fire fight ensued which put the finishing touches on the Galactic Confederation.....the renegades that had been hired and so on, and the administrators that had been loyal to Xemu were still trying to hold out. Within a year he was in -- under arrest, and within six years the lot had been wiped out. The loyal officer was triumphant. Xemu was put with several of his cohorts in the center of a mountain which is still on one of these planets, and in a wired cage which is charged with an eternal battery. He's not likely ever to get out." (L. Ron Hubbard on "Xemu" (Xenu), hear the MP3 audio)

I just saved you a alot of money, as it costs** a scientologist up to $250,000 to get to where he learns about Xenu.

*Thank you to Phil Porvaznik of Evangelical Catholic Apologetics for his transcription and evaluation of this, which can be found here Xenu (Xemu) in Scientology

**How Much Does Scientology Cost?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Alarming Allegations Against Scientology Church & School

I like when Courthouse News picks up a story of importance related to the crimes of scientology.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011Last Update: 4:25 PM PT
Alarming Allegations Against Scientology Church & School
By Ryan Abbott, Courthouse News Service

LOS ANGELES (CN) - A 19-year-old man claims his Scientologist parents "ceded custody" of him at the age of 5 to the controversial church, which then entered into a "billion year contract" with him as a minor, forced him to work hundreds of hours a week at a Scientology school for as little $35, denied him an education, and forced him back to work just two days after he lost a finger in a work accident.
The first of Daniel Montalvo's two complaints in Superior Court names as defendants: the Church of Scientology International, the Scientology leadership group Sea Organization to which his parents allegedly belong, the Church of Scientology Western United States dba Canyon Oaks Ranch School, Montalvo's parents and three other people.
Montalvo's second complaint is against Bridge Publications, an L.A.-based bookbinder that manufactured the machine that cut off his right index finger as he worked.[..]
read on for more
Courthouse News Service

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A journey into an unknown universe ;The nebula is expanding its Scientology influence in Quebec

Canoe – Infos – Québec-Canada: Une incursion dans un univers méconnu

Canoe - Infos - Québec-Canada: A journey into an unknown universe

Infiltrate the Church of Scientology
A journey into a world unknown
Agency QMI
26/02/2011 3:03 p.m.

French to English translation
MONTREAL - Two employees of the show I volunteered to infiltrate the Church of Scientology of Montreal. One of them described his experience: religious cults always intrigued me. When the team I decided to do a report on the Church of Scientology to infiltrate the idea with a hidden camera I immediately liked. In fact, this mission was tailor made for me. That's how we entered, my colleague and me in the universe Scientologist.
What struck us most when visiting the establishment of Papineau in Montreal for the first time, human warmth. It was immediately welcomed with open arms and good humor is contagious Scientologists. But the mood is anything but free.

Within minutes you can be caught in what looks like a vast infomercial. Introductory video, personality test, courses for personal growth, books, all in a single goal: making money. Because from my perspective, that's the philosophy of the Church of Scientology get your money by promising a better life.

We chose a course for beginners, "Success Through Communication." This course allows us to introduce ourselves in the academy's classroom at the church and shoot other students without their knowledge.

They too are going about their exercises like touching objects represent various events with the clay or listen to the words of L. Ron Hubbard's audio conference. After a series of exercises which I think is useless as far-fetched, we are new graduates of the course and members of the church for six months! Course Cost: $ 65

We decided then to go further and we subscribe to the Dianetics Seminar, a weekend intensive learning of the hearing. A technique in which we relive the difficult moments of our lives and feel painful emotions.

A grueling 24-hour exercise, sitting on a chair right under the constant supervision of our supervisors. A session that we shoot with the camera hidden. We are particularly affected by a girl of ten years telling stories, crying and looks thrown into this world in spite of herself. Training cost: $ 125

We then attended a fundraiser for the church, which was to finance the renovation of their new center, the old building of "Homeland" in downtown Montreal. An "event" language of Scientology, where patriotic speeches and salutes founder alongside calls for donations.

The atmosphere is overheated and the MC manages to squeeze $ 17 000 of the fifty members present, some with their children. We are asked to give $ 1,000, no less! As new members, we are the center of attention.

Shoot pictures without us getting caught is perilous. During the evening, we strongly encourage two people to the next level, the course of purification. This is a crucial step for a Scientologist, which in addition to the cleanse, relieve the $ 1500.

The nebula is expanding its Scientology influence in Quebec
MONTREAL - The administration system developed by L. Ron Hubbard called WISE, World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. And the leading expert on Scientology in Canada, Dr. Stephen A. Kent, University of Alberta, Scientology and WISE are one. WISE is also his opinion that part of the nebula Scientologist. WISE (business) Narconon (the fight against drug abuse), Criminon (fight against crime), the Citizens Commission for Human Rights (antipsychiatry) Applied Scholastics (education), all these organizations defend and promoting ideas of the movement, while claiming to be independent of the Church. "These programs, said Professor Kent and WISE is a good example, represent a way for Scientology to enter his so-called technology in the business community. The goal is to raise the ways and ideas of Scientology. Moral issues and how to handle criticism will follow. "Should we review the status of Scientology in Canada? The Church of Scientology enjoys tax exemption status with the municipal corporation that grants him the religious Quebec. Canada recognizes him as a non-profit organization. Moreover, Narconon, which treats addicts with the methods of Hubbard, has the status of charitable organization. Donations thus become partially tax deductible. The Church of Scientology has refused interview requests from JE. In an email, a spokesman said his movement meets the criteria and that "the decision by the Quebec government in 1993 to recognize Scientology as a religion is not a matter of controversy." At least one politician does not agree. Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette wonders how a movement already convicted of organized fraud in France and for breach of confidence in Ontario in 1992 was a year later, get the status of religious corporation in Quebec. "In Ontario, they did a thorough investigation to discover that they had infiltrated various departments and the RCMP. "The senator said he was" appalled "to see an organization like the Church of Scientology has such a treatment.

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Best Rant on Convicted Murder Rex Fowler, Scientologist

Excellent article. A must read.....

Rex Fowler-A Scientologist Run Amuck by Vincent J. Dooley
@ ProsecutorialRant