Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scientology Spokesman admits XENU is real

Somehow I missed this important 2009 NewstalkZB interview with the spokesman of the Church of Scientology of New Zealand. Here he reluctantly confirms that the evil galactic overlord Xenu, is fact a part of Scientology 'scripture', although he states it's part of it's "esoteria" ( top level sekrreet from the flocks of blind lower cult members, myself having once been one of them )

Video: Xenu the Alien - Confirmed by Scientology!!

The cult had previously been denying the existence of Xenu (or XEMU) as demonstrated in this 2008 video after the South Park episode, where "Tommy Davis, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, categorically denied any knowledge of Xenu and the Alien genocide that is a pillar of their faith. In this video, (LRH) L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, describes the story in detail and proves Tommy Davis is a liar and South Park (SP) was right!"

Video: South Park Proved Right About Scientology XENU Story

To help you better digest this baloney, here is a transcript* of the story of Xenu (Xemu) from the audio tape "Class VIII "Assists" Lecture 3 October 1968":

"And they [the "loyal officers"] had elected a fellow by the name of Xemu, ah, could be spelled X-e-m-u, to the supreme ruler, and they were about to un-elect him. And he took the last moments he had in office to really 'goof the floof'.....he got these administrators and so on, and heads of planets in various positions and places.....and then troops not knowing what the hell they were doing, but were fed all kinds of false orders, were [sent in] against the population to pick them up, one after the of the mechanisms they used was to tell them [the population] to come in for an income tax investigation......But the truth of the matter is, that the loyal officers were not all killed. Xemu missed and they were not all killed, not by a long way.....and the administrators and renegades which Xemu had brought in were not very effective and a fire fight ensued which put the finishing touches on the Galactic Confederation.....the renegades that had been hired and so on, and the administrators that had been loyal to Xemu were still trying to hold out. Within a year he was in -- under arrest, and within six years the lot had been wiped out. The loyal officer was triumphant. Xemu was put with several of his cohorts in the center of a mountain which is still on one of these planets, and in a wired cage which is charged with an eternal battery. He's not likely ever to get out." (L. Ron Hubbard on "Xemu" (Xenu), hear the MP3 audio)

I just saved you a alot of money, as it costs** a scientologist up to $250,000 to get to where he learns about Xenu.

*Thank you to Phil Porvaznik of Evangelical Catholic Apologetics for his transcription and evaluation of this, which can be found here Xenu (Xemu) in Scientology

**How Much Does Scientology Cost?

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