Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Placido Domingo, Jr. Leaves Scientology For Family

This media storm started with a Village Voice interview with the son of a famous opera singer and his leaving Scientology editor in chief, by Tony Ortega . That interview was with Placido Domingo, Jr.

Now this story has gone wild viral. The Los Angeles Times, the Daily Mail UK, FOX News, and the Telegraph UK, among many others have discussed the Church of Scientology policy of disconnection which, by the way, the church keeps trying to say does not exist when it does!

So, let's get this straight. In MAy of 2008, we saw Scientology Spokesman Tommy Davis telling CNN's former Reporter John Roberts ( now with FOX NEWS)that there is no disconnection policy

But Davis was lying. Lying for the church about it's own policy to separate people from loved ones if they choose to leave the cult. You can hear him here in this Feb 2009 video of an openly recorded meeting between he and actor Larry Anderson, who is asking to get a refund of monies paid the church. This story was leaked by the St. St. Petersburg Times and they provide full audio in clips with transcripts of the interview with Anderson Tommy Davis stating that if Anderson goes through with this request for refund, he will not be able to associate with any Scientologist. You can listen to the whole thing here, with the initial few minutes demonstrating the lie.

Yesterday Australian Senator Nick Xenophon spoke with the very popular Kerri-Anne Show in Australia about this disconnection policy in regards to the reports about Domingo Jr. He speaks about knowledge of former scientologists who have been disconnected from their friends and loved ones and what Australia is doing to try and prevent groups like this from benefitting from government tax exempt status with such abuses like this that is happening to Domingo Jr and others who just want the freedom to leave Scientology without being shunned or harassed.

So, the truth is that Scientology disconnection policy is very much alive

I think the author of the Leaving Scientology blogstates it best

Tommy Davis: Portrait of a Liar
Tommy Davis is a liar.

He’s smooth. Polished. Convincing. But a liar nonetheless.

Consider this gem, from a 2008 CNN interview with John Roberts. Roberts asked him about disconnection, asking if it was true that “if you are a member of the Church of Scientology and someone in your family, a friend or spouse is skeptical or critical of the Church of Scientology, you’re supposed to disconnect from that person.”

Davis answers, “There’s no such thing as disconnection as you’ve characterized it…Scientology actually mandates – it’s really part of the code of being a Scientologist – to respect the religious beliefs of others, so certainly a Scientologist is going to respect their family members’ beliefs…We consider the family to be a building block of any society, so anything that is characterized as disconnection or this kind of thing is just not true. There isn’t any such policy in the Church dictating who you can and cannot be in communication with, it just doesn’t happen.”

Now, any Scientologist knows that this is a lie. Disconnection is in Policy. It is in the Ethics book. It is practiced every day. And particularly these days, Scientologists are being hauled in to Ethics and told to disconnect from family and friends, parents and children, or else. Scientologists are being constantly told who they can and cannot be in communication with

With more and more celebrities speaking up and not towing the party line in staying out of fear, maybe more members will wake up take a stand, as well.

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