Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Narconon Tax liens

Recently, reports have surfaced documenting tax liens the IRS and state treasury departments have been placing on Narconons & The Church of Scientology across the USA.

I posted what was found over the last couple of months and now I'm posting some more.

Narconon Stone Hawk Rehab Center in MI( aka A Forever Recovery ) owes alot of tax to the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Michigan Depart of Treasury according to lien judgements on record. With interest compounding daily, Stone Hawk could be at the $750,000 owing mark with the IRS.

Here we have liens on taxes owning and in one case, paid of, but they are still owning alot to the Michigan State Treasury:

Maybe that's why Narconon is currently doing business in MI as "A Forever Recovery"

Now, back to Narconon Georgia aka Narconon International, Inc in GA. Seems they owe much more in quarterly payroll taxes. This one coveres was was owed for the 1st & 3rd quarters of 2008. 9412 tax is withholding payroll. Looks like they may have fiinally gotten busted for not paying taxes on all those 'independent contractor' $100.week slaves they had at their facility and it's illegal residence.

Expect more.


Anonymous said...

Just found your site by clicking on your sig.
The tax lien dox put a smile on my face
Happy Friday!

Formerly Fooled said...

That's cool....thanks!!

I hope you visit now and again for more smiles :)

Anonymous said...

Great video on Narconon