Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nicole Kidman and her 'Confidential - Priest - Penitent Protected' Scientology Confessional Folders

I read a recent Defamer.com.au article
Scientologists Do Not Have Tapes Of Tom Making Nicole Call Him "Xenu" While Wearing Conor's Baseball Uniform

and I remembered something which I am surprised I had not thought of before, considering I'd been a brainwashed victim of the cult for 18 yrs:

"Confidential - Priest - Penitent Protected". How could I have forgotten that?

Well, anyway, as I explained to Defamer:

Scientology 'auditors; ( counselors ) ALWAYS write down what the 'preclear' or 'OT' says in a counseling session. Always. To do otherwise is a violation of their technology. So everything that Tom and Nicole have ever said in a session are recorded by hand by the counselor/ auditor.

There are taped sessions but that is usually done for monitoring the skills of the auditor- in training. Could they have taped Nicole's sessions? Well, nothing would surprise me when it comes to how the church treats it's celebrities. But certainly there were notes taken of all she'd ever spoken in those sessions.

I, personally, want my folders back and I bet Nicole would want them back too. We were convinced that we were dealing with a real church who had real principles and that the 'confessions' were sacred. Even the folders stated " Confidential- Priest-Penitent Protected"
and we fringe Catholics who joined Scientology actually believed that the session information was held sacred and confidential like a confession is in the catholic church! What fools we were. Nicole had good reason to fear that, as do so many other former scientologists.

One day there will be a class action suit brought against the 'church' to gather up and return all the folders of all the written notes from each person's sessions but until that day, believe me when I say she had something to fear. More than a few ex-members have had dirty laundry or the appearance of dirty laundry aired on the internet for criticising the church.

You can get more information on the Priest-Penitent privilage related to the keeping of "confessions"

Nicole, you are not alone. It was a con game. We were conned.

Mary McConnell
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