Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scientology Questions From Anonymous

"Some honest questions scientologists need to ask themselves. Feel free to respond in comments" That's what this YouTube video says. It's an important message.

Scientology Questions from Anonymous

Well, I'm all for this video. The current situation is more than about a Tom Cruise video or menacing the Church of Scientology just because ther Anons feel it's way past payback time for all the dirty deeds CoS done to mankind.

It's about the members who are not being allow to question things - a necessary componient of the freedom to think for themself. I was once one of them, for many years. Asking why is a start. Kudos for Anonymous in Netherlands for posting this.

You can find the video at YouTube


Anonymous said...

is it policy of the church to deny xenu, and all the stuff that comes with OT3? if so what is the purpose of denial? how come more people don't leave after OT3?

Formerly Fooled said...

Yes, the church denies the story publicly but all one has to do is read the court transcripts to see that they would not have founght for sued for copyright infringement when the OT III materials were made public on the internet, if it were'nt true. CoS was forced in court to acknowledge OT III and Xenu being within those "scriptures". The church manages to minimize the mention of the Xenu story within it lower level membership that are not OT III and by the time those on OT II finis=h up and begin OT III, they are too mentally brainwashed to question it, or do anything but look for the dead body thetans mentioned in the Xenu Story. More OT's have left than are speaking out. The fear factor, however, is getting less and less because of the ripple effect the
'Anonymous'project is having on getting people to take a stand against the church abuses that have gone on far too long.