Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whats wrong with this picture? Scientology Fakes another Photo

I received this promotional piece in the mail and was struck by the obvious alterations in the photo ( see far right)and the fact that the woman holding up her award certificate- OT VIII ( a top level that is supposed to bring about 'cause over life')is wearing eye glasses.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the "lady" is holding up a OTVII Certificate, not OTVIII but you're still correct; even at OT7, she should have no need for puny Earth glasses :)

Formerly Fooled said...

Yes, and Thanks! Perhaps I need glasses, lol

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't my comment approved?

Rick said...

Sometime back I reported getting calls from a staffer in the LA AO. Well after explaining that it appeared to me nothing in Scientology's modus operandi had changed since my involvement ended 30 years ago, they finally stop calling.

However, I am literally inundated with promotional materials. I know it's reported they own a print shop, but these large glossy ads must cost a fortune, not to mention postage.

I would think that if Scientology actually delivered even half the claims they make, the word of mouth alone would send in tens of thousands of new wogs. But I guess not.

Formerly Fooled said...

Hi Rick, I know what you mean! I could not have said it better.

I still get mail from 6 or so different orgs in addition to Publications Org, IAS, and RTC and I am amazed at the waste of money expended on them, as I chuck them in the garbage.

The orgs are nearly empty but each psychotically follow Promo and GI policy.

You may find some solice in the following article by the brother of a young guy who took a 2 hr seminar 31 years ago.
Scientology sticks to you like lint

Formerly Fooled said...

Dear Anonymous who asked " Why wasn't my comment approved?".

Your comment was apparently deleted in error because it was not there for me to approve when I logged in. Please resend it.


Rick said...

Mary, new info. AOLA just sent me a DVD titled "The Way to Happiness". As I have reorted earlier, they are flooding me with promo in spite of the fact I have vigorously pushed back on their calls.

This DVD was sent FedEx and certainly cost a fair amount in postage, let alone the contents.

Is this some sort of ARC hyper drive, or maybe relentless "body reg'ing"? If this tech is so good, why is this incessant wasteful promo continuing?

Formerly Fooled said...

Hi Rick,

I'm sure they are sending you the tape because someone there thinks that you will listen to it and respond to it and stay connected.

If you really want to stop them from mailing you any more mail, write a letter to the AOLA Address Officer - same address- and tell them that you have publicly spoken out against Scientology, that you no longer consider yourself a member of the church and that you wish to be taken off all of their mailing lists.

Best wishes,