Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Digg It!! CCHR Loses Charity Status in NZ

ODIT News On 21 May 2010, CCHR/NZ (Scientology's front group: Citizens Commission on Human Rights, New Zealand) was denied charitable status by the Charities Commission in New Zealand.

54. The Applicant's barrister has also submitted that the Commission is "discriminating against CCHR and/or its founders, or organisers on the basis of their imputed opinions and on the basis of their religious views of ethical views". He notes that the Applicant has been linked to the Church of Scientology in the press and the Commission's decision to withhold charitable status from the Applicant has coincided with targeting of the Church in the media,..

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ODIT/UNews: CCHR Loses Charity Status in NZ [pdf]#c3774955385694649903


KB said...

CCHR, Yes, they can't be trusted!! I was a NZ historical abuse survivor, I was approached by Victor Boyd in the 70s who basically used me to seek info of my childhood abuse at lake Alice hospital New Zealand.All he and his cronies done for the next forty years after was to build my hopes up speaking of justice.NO!They will get all documents and write their own little books and pocket the profits. Pretty low!! Also, watch out for that little toe rag Steve Green.These people are Scientology freaks!!!! BEWARE..! K.B.

Formerly Fooled said...

Dear KB, thank you so much for sharing your situation and experiences with CCHR. I'm sorry you didn't get the help and justice you sought and were promised from them - It's a travesty that you were taken advantage of. I can't imagine the pain of realizing you had been so personally betrayed for so long. You have my condolences.

CCHR predators have continued to take advantage of victims worldwide in order to serve CCHR's purposes alone. Those are Scientology's purposes because CCHR is Scientology. Many victims of abuse are unaware that they are being used by CCHR without the prospect of the real support and justice they were promised. You are brave to have written here and I hope it will help alert others reading it who might be considering joining CCHR's false cause. Again, thank you . ~ Mary McConnell