Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scientology: To Be Perfectly Clear

Scientology: To Be Perfectly Clear

Terrific read:

Scientology: To Be Perfectly Clear
WS Bainbridge, R Stark - SA. Sociological Analysis, 1980

Abstract: Advances a theory to explain the apparent success of
Scientology in raising its members to a superhuman level of functioning
known as "clear". It is argued that empirical evidence does not support
this claim and that the state of "clear" "is not a state of personal
development at all, but a social status conferring honor within the cult's
status system and demanding certain kinds of behavior from the person
labeled `clear'." Hubbard's social mechanisms used to establish and
defend the status of "clear" are discussed. Scientology caters to those
people who suffer from chronic unhappiness or inability to perform at the
level set for themselves. It does not solve the underlying problems; it
merely "cures the complaints by ending the person's freedom to
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