Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scientology and McCarthyism or How It Tries to Control Hollywood - Part 1

I came across something the other day that reminded me of how Scientology makes it's members follow the way of McCarthism when it comes to keeping each other in check. Thank God for people who speak out. That is what this post is about today.

Marc Headley, former Scientologist and author of the riviting Blown for Good – Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology posted an important, interesting and insightful bit of information over at the Why We Protest forum.

What Headley aka blownforgood posted was a snapshot of Super Scientologist & character actor Jim Meskimen's Facebook showing him warning a few select Scientologists that they "have a guy named Marc Headley" on their facebook.

I was reminded that this is how Scientology really does things to stop free speech and perpetuate Scientology's Disconnection Policy. The cult usually assigns Scientology celebrities a handler or minder if they are big stars so they don't fly the coop. In Katie Holmes case, it is Jessica Feshbach Rodrigues. For the lesser known celebs' the cult can usually rely upon the most indoctrinated of members, like Jim Meskimen, to "Keep Scientology Working" by forwarning the flock to beware of the people whom the church may consider it's enemy. It's all part of Scientology's Fair Game practice.

In this case, Meskimen messed up. He picked the wrong guy to pull this baloney on because the reply is a kind but strong reminder to Meskimen that he should stop acting like an unamerican idiot and stop poking at others friendships like big brother. Let's hope he gets the point.

Now, rumor has it that the replyer , actor Tom McCafferty,worked in the past for Scientology celebrities like Tom Cruise.His military and acting history suggests he would have made a good one. I mean, look at this guy!

What I do know is that he's a former scientologist now, a talented actor and by his reply, well, he seems like he 'ain't afraid of nothin'. You can't beat that combination.

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