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The Lighthouse Letter -- Operation Reconnect -- Why We Fight

The Lighthouse Letter -- Operation Reconnect -- Why We Fight

This beautiful video and poem, along with the following information. has been brought to us by an Anonymous person named LRonHu88ard.

"The Lighthouse Letter" tells the story of families torn by the COS's policy of disconnection.

Ida Camburn, 85, was disconnected by her son over thirty years ago. An active critic of the organization's policy of disconnection, she is beloved by the many individuals and families she has strengthened, comforted, and inspired throughout the past three decades.

Ken and Grace Aaron have not heard from their son Zach in ten years. They have not asked that he leave the Church; only that he break his long silence and communicate with them.

Jenna Miscavige-Hill, Kendra Wiseman, and Astra Woodcraft are young women who braved the Church's disconnection policy, and remain separated from many loved ones inside. They came together to form a web community of support for ex-scientology kids.

Tory "Magoo" Christman, aka "Wise Glasses Lady," left the CoS in 2000, leaving behind three decades of family, friendship, and devotion to the organization. She has been a guiding star for Anonymous, urging non-violence and persistence in seeking its aims.

On April 12, 2008, Anonymous will take a stand with these individuals and others, to engage in peaceful protest of the COS's policies of disconnection.

Please stand with us.

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About Ida Camburn

Tory 'Magoo'

ExScientolgy Kids - ESK

ExScientologist Message Board - ESMB

Operation Clambake Message Board - OCMB

The Committee on Religious Shunning




Deep within your cavern dark, a spring of truth abides.
How I hope you find this bottle, for my kisses are inside.

The light outside is dazzling; escape's a costly prize.
But gentle reader, grasp my hand -- and I shall be your eyes.

Behold a gallant queen, her son lost at sea.
She built a lighthouse to the stars, in hopes that he would see.

Her heartlights sweep the beach at night, the prince perchance to see.
In a lifeboat rolling on the waves, is where I'll wait for thee.

Eleven thousand suns and moons have risen, shone and sighed,
o'er the throne of her persistent heart denied.

I've met a king, a prodigal with careworn face so kind.
On foot he bears the banner of a son he's vowed to find.

Behind him stands a motley crew of knights both young and old.
Their merriments are legend; their cause for us is bold.

And upon a mighty web composed of sliver strands,
three sisters weave the orphans' tales to far and distant lands.

Eyes behind wise spectacles are blurred by tears and rain,
and love for shipwrecked families devoured for worldly gain.

Eleven thousand suns and moons, ten million twinkling lights,
have gazed silent on our tragedy -- and this is why they fight.

Their heartlights sweep the beach at night, and lifeboats dot the sea.
May fortune speed you safely here, to reconnect with me.

Yes, 'may fortune speed you safely here to reconnect with your loved ones', myself and my family included. Thank you so very much demonstrating why we fight.

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