Thursday, August 23, 2007


'What's the Matter with Scientology?', Ross Douthat of Atlantic dot com. asks. He then provides accurate answers in 2 separate articles in reply to Mark Oppenheimer's puff piece on Scientology and his response Douthat's 1 sentence wham of Part I. The more extensive Part II is a comment on Oppenheimer's response to Part I. Both are excellent and worth reading.

As I commented to Douthat's Part II :

"If Mr Oppenheimer were a Scientologist, he'd wear the label 'Theetie Weetie' , a meaning Hubbard gave to those who sugar coat the hard truth because they cannot handle it.

Mark Oppenheimer tried unsuccessfully to conclude his opinion of Scientology based upon the unique situation Milton Katselas has managed to keep himself in. Being able to control his own involvement in the cult to his own advantage.

Katselas is the exception to the rule other scientologists must follow because he's a 'celebrity' who they are afraid of. You see, the church forgot Katselas about back in the 80's when David Miscavige took reign. All he has to do is make a few phone calls announcing he's called it quits, and the cardboard church falls apart in Hollywood.

Katselas is a fringe member who has not really moved up the cult 'bridge to total freedom' in years, sitting comfortably right where he is, using the parts of scientology that he feels are helpful, gaining a steady flow of clientele as a 'celebrity' while keeping the church staff & management pitbulls at bey.

One day I hope Katselas sees the damage he's doing to the minds of others by creating this facade around the truth, flimsey as it may seem to us 'wogs'.

ps: Because of your public disapproval of scientology, your scientologist relative may well be forced to 'handle or disconnect' from you. I hope he comes to his senses before they make mincemeat out of him for the connection. "

Posted by Mary McConnell August 23, 2007 7:43 AM

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