Monday, June 25, 2007

Hypnosis in Action: Scientology Training Routines

Another gem from XENU TV at Google Video!

Scientology: TR Demo

"This video demonstrates Scientology's basic training routines (TRs) and gives an insight into how Scientologists are indoctrinated into the group."

Watch the trance-like effect of these drills. Scientologists do various courses on the different 'levels' of these drills as well as many, many hours repeating them when told they are not applying them correctly in scientology. I consider the TR's a low level application of hypnoic submission. Enough of it and you'll agree to anything.

You can get a good idea of the hows and whys from reading
'On Scientology's Training Routines (TRs)' By Joe "Zinjifar" Lynn

In it he says:

"To really boil down 'hypnosis' to its simplest form; it's 'becoming comfortable with taking orders'.

Trust and 'authority' are essential elements for someone to be successfully 'hypnotized', and, most of us have ingrained resistance to 'taking direction'. Without the trust of the 'subject' in the 'authority' of the 'hypnotist' there will be no hypnosis.

This extends to such variants as 'autohypnosis', where the subject must trust himself and have respect for his own authority to give himself commands, and be comfortable to follow them, as in the use of 'affirmations', yet another hypnotic exercise.

If there is no trust, and no recognition of authority, there is no hypnosis.

If there is no trust, and no recognition of authority, there is no Scientology.

The 'TRs' are the training in that trust and the practice in accepting the directions to perform even ridiculous tasks and exercises.

Oh, I know, the 'TRs are good!' contingent are now over in the corner mumbling 'Scientology is not hypnotism' to the wall... but, at least they're not clucking or making lawn-mower noises...

Both of the people in the video were harassed and intimidated by the cult for things including the making of this tape. This is Scientology's application of FAIR GAME. Scientologists believe they gain freedom but unless they do as the cult wants, there is no freedom. Particularly there is a suppression that is not in agreement with scientology policy. I admire these 2 for taking a stand and helping Mark Bunker at XenuTV make this visual demonstration possible. See for yourself what the TR's are:

Visit for more informative videos about the cult of scientology


Beacon Schuler said...

A great post! One of the difficulties I have with Scientology criticism is the way in which most critics refer to the hypnotism in terms of trance state. There is a huge divide in the hypnotic community as to whether hypnosis is a matter of altered states of consciousness (a relatively meaningless term in that out SoC is altering all the time) or if it is a matter simply of compliance (which is a notoriously difficult notion to get a real grip on). This is the first bit of writing on the TRs I've seen that frame the experience in terms of compliance.

And well done to Stacy and Jesse for being brave enough to go through the demonstration. I'm not a former Scientologist but I'm sure returning to the TRs, even for the purpsoses of this video, was not a decision they took lightly.

Formerly Fooled said...

Thanks, Lafayette Hubbard.

The compliance is an act ofsubmission. Being submissive means giving up control to another. One is learning how to be submissive. It is a state of consciousness where one is totally at the effect and willing to be so. In scientology, the TR's help prepare the students for the acceptance of their other control-related programs. Eventually, willingness to be controlled is tested on OTIII, where the name Xenu aka Xemu appears, along with being told one has body thetans stuck to them and they have to get rid of them.

The consequences of questioning the belief and practices of scientology along that way are severe. Hence, many fear to leave.

There is no freedom of speech in scientology yet Hubbard convinces them, through there types of processs and drills, that they are free. That's some control, heh?