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Communication vital for family
Chico Enterprise-Record
Article Launched: 06/21/2007 12:07:08 AM PDT

I read the article by Mary Rose Kennedy and was saddened to hear that her son Thomas had been out of touch with his parents for so long. As president of the Church of Scientology in Sacramento and a long standing member of the church, it is certainly not in keeping with Scientology ideals for family not to be in touch with each other.
As L Ron Hubbard wrote: "A family is a group with the common goal of group survival and advancement" he also wrote "communication is the root of marital success."

Due to our popularity and rapid growth we have millions of members and thousands of church staff. Church staffs are involved in a myriad of activities, including missionary work throughout the world in helping establish churches, missions, human rights groups and community betterment programs to address problems with Illiteracy, drugs, criminal reform and immorality.

So I checked into this and am happy to say Thomas is now back in touch with his family and they were happy to hear from him. We appreciate this being brought to our attention so we could get this corrected and the family back into communication.

— Mike Klagenberg, Sacramento

The above propaganda was written by a staff member of the church of scientology to obscure the the following very real and moving article showing how scientology stole a family member not seen in over 16 years.

The original article was in the same newspaper 5 weeks before the cult's Letter to the Editor reply appeared but it was mysteriously missing from the papers archives today when I looked.

Fortunately, I just happened to find it posted over at Operation Clambake via google search. Here it is:

All About Us: Thomas: Past, present and is there a future?
Chico Enterprise-Record
Article Launched:05/06/2007 12:41:00 PM PDT

Thomas was, er, is, our only son. I think of him in past tense. At Christmas one daughter laughingly said, "We need to have a memorial service for Thomas. I'm beginning to forget what he was like."

It has been two and a half years since we have seen him. There has been no communication. When we call his place of employment we get answers such as, "Thomas Kennedy? No, I don't know him. But I'm new here. I'll check." Elevator music fills the void ad infinitum until we hang up in frustration.

When we call his wife we get little better: "Thomas is on an important assignment and can't be reached. I don't know where he is right now."

When I asked her what he is doing she said, "Umm, I guess you could say he is an event planner."

I retorted, "An event planner? What does that mean? Is he standing on street corners passing out fliers?"

"Actually," she replied, "it means he could be doing anything. He might pick up a hammer and build a stage."

This is our Thomas: A beautiful baby with eyes so blue I felt like I was looking at the sky; a quiet child who responded to his two older sisters' teasing by ignoring them; an A student, twice student body president in high school. When his teacher wanted him tested for the gifted program in third grade I said, "Oh no, not Thomas, he doesn't even talk."

When he told me he wanted to go to MIT his junior year of high school I was startled. How could we afford that? Unsure, I told him to go ahead and try. If he got in, we'd find a way to keep him there.

At age 21 he graduated from MIT with bachelor and master's degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. By age 27, after a dizzying ascent in the computer industry and a failed marriage, he dropped out of society.

How does such a thing happen?

He was 21 when he married, too young emotionally, too inexperienced with life. The divorce was difficult but also an opportunity for a new start. He took a personality test. Then he took a communications course; next, a course in personal relations. It seemed a healthy start. But, it seems, he was looking for answers in the wrong place.

When I told my friend what he was doing she sounded the first alarm. "You better warn him," she advised. "That is a very dangerous cult."

When I shared her concern with my son he scoffed, "You're just buying the media hype."

Our concern grew as his involvement grew. He called one evening to chat and casually remarked, "I'm thinking of leaving my job and going into Scientology full time.

Knowing my son's passive nature, my spirits sank. "Oh, Thomas," I exhaled, "that means you've already done it."

"Yeah," he replied.

His life spiraled out of control. We went to San Jose to see him. We were shown through the organization where Thomas now worked. We were asked to watch a video explaining the background and guiding philosophy. We saw his cubical with the flow charts. He explained his duties as the ethics officer. Our trepidation became palpable. I was getting a migraine; my husband was laboring to control his temper.

Later we visited his apartment. He introduced his roommate. We learned this is a person who stayed with him all the time, a handler. Nothing of his former life remained in the apartment. Only scientology literature lined his bookcases.

A month later he went to a two-week "bull baiting"seminar. It is a psychological hammering and rebuilding process. He was never the same.

One of the few occasions he came home we were sitting at the kitchen table. I was crying hysterically and babbling, "Thomas, how can we get you out of this? I'll walk in front of a firing squad. I'll throw myself in front of a big truck. I'll do anything." He looked over my head with flat eyes and said nothing. He was gone.

It has now been 16 years. We miss him.

Mary Rose Kennedy, a retired teacher, lives in Orland with her husband. They have five children and 10 grandchildren.

Operation Clambake
Here is the dead link to that original article:

Why is it missing from the ChicoEr news archives?

Well, maybe someone needs to ask.

UPDATE: 6/23/07:

Subject: 6/21/07 Letter to the editor 'Communication vital for family'

Chico Enterprise Record

Dear David Little, Editor,

I don't understand why you accept a letter to the editor concerning a particular article when the article being discussed cannot be found in your archives.

Perhaps this was an error that can be quickly remedied but seeing that it involves Scientology, I cannot help but suspect there is more to why the article is missing.

Here is the letter to the editor, followed by the original article link , which is dead. The 6/21 letter is absolute propaganda but how can one tell without the original to compare?

Communication vital for family
Chico Enterprise-RecordArticle Launched: 06/21/2007 12:07:08 AM PDT

All About Us: Thomas: Past, present and is there a future?
Chico Enterprise-Record
Article Launched:05/06/2007 12:41:00 PM PDT

Only Church of Scientology would not want that article in your archives, Mr. Little. Unless Mrs Mary Rose Kennedy asked you to remove it, which is possible. Sometimes the cult pays people and media off to keep quiet. It's called a gag agreement. You can read about them here.

Scientology Gag Agreements - A Conspiracy for Silence Scientology Gag Agreements - A Conspiracy for Silence. The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum. ...

Can you please explain what happened on this and if the article will be uploaded and put in the archives where it really belong? That article was one of many written by real parants who have lost their children to scientology. You can read more about this 'disconnection' policy of scientology's and the effect it has on families here:

The unperson
Scientologists who cross their religion can be declared suppressive
persons, shunned by peers and ostracized by family.
By ROBERT FARLEY, Times Staff Writer
Published June 24, 2006

Inside Scientology
Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion
JANET REITMAN Rolling Stone Magazine

Disconnection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Disconnection is a
practice in Scientology, in which a Scientologist severs all
ties .... Scientology disconnect policy destroying families ...

I appreciate your help in addressing this situation as soon as
possible. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what the outcome really was. The mother was probably forced to sign one of those gag agreements Scientology uses to shut family members up after they dig up dirt on the person or pay them off.

All she wanted was contact with her son. Sad.