Sunday, May 13, 2007

YouTube: Scientology & Me - NEWS ITEM - The One To Watch

quentinkrisp at YouTube posted the best video to date on the upcoming BBC Panorama show 'Scientology & Me' by investigative reporter John Sweeney.

quentinkrisp describes it as:
"BBC's report and Panorama's rebuttal of $cientology's latest shenanigans. "


Anonymous said...


Thanks for updating, I like your current updates. You know you should start linking. Link to some other Co$ critics, and I'm sure they'll link back to you if you talk to them. It'll let more people know you're out there. I like your blog but I'm not sure it's reaching as many people as it could.

Unknown said...

Scientology scares me...I am in the UK and I like watching Panorama documentaries but I do not watch them often...

I would not of even known about this if it wasn't for John Travolta complaining about it and people on digg posting the story up to say "look how stupid this is." also someone linked to your blog...I might start reading back through the archive if it doesn't depress me too much.

Formerly Fooled said...

Thank you, anonymous. I appreciate your helpfulness and suggestion. I am not computer literate by any means and I've had difficulty with changing the template settings to include the links and move them up the page. I may have to change to a different template alltogether in order to move the section from the bottom of the page up to the top. I will work on this :)