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Anonymous said...

I have recently been contacted by a Sea Org member. It appears their staff have gone thru files and found me. Since I left the church many, many years ago and have moved many times due to my job I found this somewhat disconcerting.

The Sea Org'r was interested in how I was doing and wanted to send me a copy of Miscavage's "Lost Tech" presentation. Has anyone else experienced this?

Formerly Fooled said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for writing and asking this important question.

Being contacted by the church via phone or mail or by email is a recent common occurrence voiced by many former members who had years of no contact, having moved on and away. They use your personal information at available databases such as those seen on the internet, as well as paying for credit information if they think you might be a valuable prospect.
You can find many comments on the internet by people who have been tracked down and contacted by the church via phone:

So, you can see that you are not alone in feeling
violated in being investigated and having your personal information used to track you down to try and lure you back to the church.

This activity is in line with past and recent documentation that the church uses the personal auditing, ethics, confessional, and Sea Org Life History form information beyond that which was implicitly
agreed upon while a member of the church. It's clear that the
'church' is not holding up it's end in being what it portrayed itself to be - a trusted ecclesiastical confidant.

Here is a quote from the letter of resignation written by screen writer and film director Paul Haggis to David Miscavige:
[..] And though it may seem small by comparison, I was truly disturbed to see you provide private details from confessionals to the press in an attempt to embarrass and discredit the executives who spoke out. A priest would go to jail before revealing secrets from the confessional, no matter what the cost to himself or his church. That’s the kind of integrity I thought we had, but obviously the standard in this church is far lower – the public relations representative can reveal secrets to the press if the management feels justified. You even felt free to publish secrets from the confessional in Freedom Magazine – you just stopped short of labeling them as such, probably because you knew Scientologists would be horrified, knowing you so easily broke a sacred vow of trust with your parishioners.

How dare you use private information in order to label someone an “adulteress?” You took Amy Scobee’s most intimate admissions about her sexual life and passed them onto the press and then smeared them all over the pages your newsletter! I do not know the woman, but no matter what she said or did, this is the woman who joined the Sea Org at 16! She ran the entire celebrity center network, and was a loyal senior executive of the church for what, 20 years? You want to rebut her accusations, do it, and do it in the strongest terms possible – but that kind of character assassination is unconscionable.[..]

You are fortunate that you only received one phone call. Expect more once your updated contact information is put into the system. As a nonprofit organization, Scientology is not subject to the Do Not Call federal regulations.

The best you can do, if you do not want them calling you anymore, is to inform thr caller that you do not want calls any more and you want your name taken off their address list (and your loved ones or employers names off the list, too, if applicable.)

Be prepared for more calls after promises are made, adds the number they have on you had already been distributed to any orgs you have ever done service at and then some. Try to change your number to an unlisted one as a last resort if all else fails.

Best wishes,
Mary McConnell

Hartley Patterson said...

Back in 2007 the Church published new Editions of all Hubbard's books. Since then all his Lectures have also been reissued. The Church ordered all its members to throw away their old books and lectures because they were WRONG, this was why Scientology had been failing.

If you believed this nonsense, then it would logically follow that all past members MUST be told this wonderful news so they can be Saved. That's why they are phoning everyone. It isn't working, but with a violent megalomanic in charge no one's going to tell him so.

Formerly Fooled said...

I don't know anyone who could have said that better, Hartley, lol. :)

Anonymous said...

Well it's been over two weeks since the initial contact. No follow up. During that time I have studied Scientology's press coverage online. Wow. They have some serious issues. It appears to be going critical mass.

Exposing Scientology in the Philippines said...

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Formerly Fooled said...

Very good blog you have there!
"Stop Narconon from invading the Philippines!"

Anonymous said...