Friday, September 04, 2009

Scientology and Human Trafficking, The Video

SP999999 Scientology and Human Trafficking September 03, 2009

"Does the Church of Scientology engage in Human Trafficking? Thanks to all for the usage of footage in this video.

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Anonymous said...

by any chance, do you have the "friend of mankind (2006)" avi video?

the google version is a little blurry.

.rar it, and upload to, or any other free file server :)

thank you!

Anonymous said...


i just realized it was FRIEND_OF_MANKIND.wmv


i have a video called "most evil cult leaders" if you're interested.

something tells me that there's more to these 'cult leaders' than we realise. perhaps they are a type of psychotic satanist, and are supported in secret by others like them.

Formerly Fooled said...

Thanks for posting grim_reaper. Sorry but I don't have an avi of the video.

I see that the version I had up in an earlier post is no longer working. I found anon wmv presented in parts over at YouTube's XENU-TV Channel, so I've embedded the first of those in replacement
You can find all 4 parts here:

As well, thanks for the offer for the "most evil cults" video, which I have seen! It's on Youtube as well. At some point I will write something up to incorporate that.

Evil is evil. I am a Christian and believe that Satan roams the earth looking for those to do his bidding. In my opinion, those mentioned in the Cults video are the more depraved minions of Satan, a most depraved & deceptive fallen angel.

Best wishes
~ Mary