Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who says Narconon isn't Scientology? Narconon Psych Waiver

Who says Narconon isn't Scientology? Just read the Narconon "illegal PC" Waiver:

The person who was made to sign this had been in detox for a week and does not even recall signing it. It was faxed over by VISA to the mother in her dispute to get her money back from being ripped off.

The reason the person was made to sign it was that he/she had at one time been prescribed Lexipro, having taken 4 pills over a 4 day period. Period.

To Scientology and Narconon, it's ok to discriminate against anyone having taken any amount of 'psych' medication.


Anonymous said...

From what I understand Narconon asks you to sign the waiver based on the fact that because of the sauna program some psych meds can be dangerous. That is why Narconon will not allow people with an extensive psych history. Do more research to actually understand this. It is not hidden. Narconon explains this to the family before the student ever arrives...

Formerly Fooled said...

That is absolutely not true. You have beeen misinformed on multiple points on this.

Narconon follows Scientology policy FIRST and FOREMOST an their illegal policy is the same.

I have spoken to several parents and former students who were not informed of your stated reasons for the waiver. Only that they HAD to sign it or they couldn't do the program.

The waiver is a way out, just like the Lisa McPherson clause in the contract scientologists have to sign now.

I think you need to do more research and not just rely on what you are told to believe.