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Church of Scientology and Los Angeles Police Dept caught violating civil rights laws.

Working in concert together, the Church of Scientology and Los Angeles Police Dept were caught once again violating civil rights of citizens. Makes one wonder if there is some kind of public corruption going on. Where is the FBI when you need them?

Here is the rest of his usenet article, which is worth repeating:

"The Church of Scientology gala event to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Celebrity Center was an epic flunk and fail for the worlds’ most dangerous cult and totalitarian terror enterprise. It was also an epic win for Anonymous." wrote Graham E. Berry, attorney and advocate.

Cult leader David Miscavige was once “In Charge” of “Project All Clear,” a 1980s Scientology mission to eliminate all litigation and government investigations of Scientology so that L. Ron Hubbard could emerge from his hiding places and life on the lam. Twenty two years after the leading role of David Miscavige in the highly suspicious death of L. Ron Hubbard, Miscavige now needs his own Project All Clear. Anonymous is not going to let him have it. Anonymous does not forgive. It does not forget. It is epic. It will bring the Hubbard killers to great justice!

Before he died, Robert Vaughn Young gave me a copy of the first chapter of his never to be completed book “Who killed L. Ron Hubbard?” You can guess at the answer. http://tinyurl.com/647s4l

As I approached the Celebrity Center from Bronson Avenue/Hollywood Boulevard, a handicapped person (Mr. X) and I were excluded from progressing any further by the L.A.P.D. acting upon the instructions of Scientology Rev. Lyn Farny.

He is the corporate secretary of the Church of Scientology International. Rev Lyn Farny is also in charge of the OSA Internet operations and projects (including their “black ops” and Religious Freedom Watch). It was Lyn Farny who was conceived the Eugene Ingram February 1994 trip to New York to blackmail and bribe Robert Cipriano into signing the perjured Cipriano declaration, which Cipriano recanted after (Scientology lawyers and staffer ) Kendrick Moxon, Samuel D. Rosen, Gerald Chaleff, Gerald Feffer, Barbara Reeves and others had used it to engage in multiple frauds upon multiple courts and the State Bar in order to “utterly destroy” me. Had they not done that I would be doing other professional things at this time. However, Farny, Ingram and Moxon “pulled it in” for Scientology and here I am, as the direct result of what they did.

Now, 14 years later, Farny was personally directing that my civil rights continue to be violated by refusing to allow me to peacefully walk up the east sidewalk of Bronson Avenue to Franklin Avenue. As I approached, Farny spoke with an L.A.P.D. officer who moved to intercept me on the sidewalk. (see photos, below)

The time was 7.05 PM on August 9, 2008 and Officer 17038 blocked me from walking any further up Bronson Avenue. “You can’t walk up here dressed like that” the officer said to me.” I was stunned. “What do you mean I can’t walk up here dressed as I am?” The officer said, “You cannot walk up this street wearing that T shirt with those words on it and carrying that picket sign.” By now I was dumbfounded. Had the L.A.P.D. learned nothing from its encounters with the federal judges during the 2000 Democrat Party convention in Los Angeles?

In addition, words on a T shirt can be constitutionally protected speech. My T shirt read “Scientology Kills!”

Meanwhile, the peace officer allowed another man to access the sidewalk. “Officer,” I said. “Why are you letting that man walk on the side walk but not me?” The officer eplied, “Because I have already taken his ID and he lives in the neighborhood.”

I said, “Officer, you didn’t even ask me for my ID.”

As I began to walk away I noted the badge numbers of several of the other LAPD officers who were manning the barricades with Scientology’s Internet black-ops meister Rev. Lyn Farny. I deposed him once. The officers included #15034 and #8796. I was asked if I wanted to see the street closure permit. “Yes please.”

“You can see the Los Angeles City Councils own applicable codes, conditions, permit forms and procedures online at http://bsspermits.lascity.org/spevents/ ( removed by LAPD)

For example, the form PETITION (for commercial areas) REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY STREET CLOSURE PERMIT expressly provides that “[t]he closure, when granted, will be for the exclusion of vehicles only. Admission to an event may not be charged; and the public at large may not be denied access to any portion of any street except in cases of emergency. A 20-foot emergency lane shall be provided on all streets within the said closure at all times.” Emphasis added.

“Clearly, the Scientology enterprise, including Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., and Ed Parkin, are working with the Los Angeles Police Department (and perhaps officials within the Los Angeles City Council Bureau of Street Services) to blatantly violate both federal law and the City of Los Angeles own municipal codes and permits. These violations have been occurring on at least two days of every week for about 24 consecutive weeks.”

You can read the language yourself: http://bsspermits.lacity.org/spevents/ ( removed by LAPD ) or http://tinyurl.com/22otpg . At the bottom of the page click on each of the three types of petition forms that the Church of Scientology signed and that is incorporated by law into the final permit. ( all removed by City of Los Angeles)

One of the L.A.P.D. officers who denied me access to all portions of Bronson Avenue for a number of blocks showed me a copy of the permit.

It was number 20081447. You can click on it here: or http://tinyurl.com/65a9tb
On the left side of the page click on each of the three pages of the permit.

I took a look at the permit and said, “Officer, the permit may say total or full closure but the permit is issued subject to the provisions of the Municipal Code and they are set forth on the permit application form itself. A total or full closure only applies to vehicle traffic. The law states that the public at large … may not be denied access to any portion of any street except in cases of emergency. Just because Farny and Scientology says the words full closure on a piece of paper mean you can exclude whoever you wish, it still doesn’t mean that the L.A.P.D. can just ignore the law and engage in civil rights violations.” [Also see Section 5733.11, Obstruction of Exits and Aisles]. The peace officer responded politely, “We only do what we are told by them (meaning Scientology security) and the permit says they can do it.” I walked off saying, “But the permit does not permit you to violate the law by excluding me from walking up Bronson Street.” And this officer was acting under color of law.

After six months of these civil rights violations the Los Angeles City Council should be reserving millions of dollars for potential legal defense and damages costs arising from the conduct of the L.A.P.D. and the Department of Building Services! However, what can you expect when Gerald Chaleff is the L.A.P.D. attorney? He was formerly one of the Church of Scientology’s leading and highest paid defense attorneys. Now he is in charge of R.I.C.O. compliance, or criminal racketeering avoidance, under a judicial consent decree entered into between the Los Angeles Police Department and the United States Department of Justice. The fox is in charge of the chickens!

By the way, I will soon commence local and state political action to stop these street closure illegalities and civil rights violations. Perhaps it is time to also seek a recall election to oust scientology shill Eric Garcetti? At the same time we might also consider petitioning for L. Ron Hubbard Way to return to its former name of Berendo Street. The name change to L. Ron Hubbard Way was the result of public corruption. Interestingly, the Department of Justice recently disbanded its public corruption unit in Los Angeles.

As a result of the Scientology enterprise and the L.A.P.D. excluding the handicapped Mr. X and me from any access to any portion of Bronson Avenue between Carlos Avenue and Franklin Avenue, we had to walk nearly a mile around and across the Hollywood Freeway in order to reach our desired destination of the Mayfair Market corner at Franklin and Bronson.

As we were walking along the deserted back streets we came across a parking lot. As you will see from the album cover picture (URL below), there was an L.A.P.D. mobile command vehicle and six other vehicles. Most cars had two officers already sitting in the car and they were ready to swoop on the 32 protestors peacefully exercising their first amendment rights, against an organization deemed a global terrorist group and racketeering enterprise by most of the European and other western nations. Later we would observe at lease two dozen Los Angeles Police Department Officers, over a dozen other L.A.P.D. patrol cars and motor cycles, an L.A. Fire Department truck and several dozen private investigators, some with their own vehicles and many with cameras.

There were also photographers (and sharp shooters?)positioned on the roof tops and terraces of the Scientology Celebrity Center. All this because of 32 young partying picketers. No wonder the New York City Police and Washington, DC police love policing the Anonymous pickets.

“Even though the crazy scientologists are calling us out very five seconds for nothing, dealing with Anonymous is fun. Much more fun than dealing with other protestors, like the World Trade Organization and anti-war protests.”

However, despite the overwhelming police presence to cope with 32 young protestors, a handful of jaded scientology celebrities and a few hundred scientology deep pockets, a white van illegally parked on a corner and beside a fire hydrant could not be moved.

Why? It obscured the view of Anonymous picketers as the few hundred scientology event patrons turned their vehicles and limos right from Franklin Avenue. I was present when a number of unsuccessful telephone complaints were made over five hours. Even the dispatch officers were amazed that parking enforcement had not arrived to tow away the violating vehicle.

Finally one dispatcher suggested that the callers file an official complaint on Monday morning. Mr. X spoke to an officer about it several times. “We’ve tried to get it moved,” he responded. Mr. X was not placated. “With all these dozens of police officers, police cars and police motor cycles here that old party van would be towed within five minutes if you wanted it gone.” Clearly, Scientology public corruption was at work.

I am increasingly convinced that there is a supernatural law of karma and light, and that what goes around comes around. I saw that again last night, not only with Lyn Farny reviving a statute of limitations, but also with the fecal matter that was spewing off the Celebrity Center stage and into the Los Angeles sewers. Indeed, one of the Scientology event speakers sounded a lot like David Miscavige. After his tirade against the suppressives, the street sewers really blocked and backed up, a fleet of L.A. City Sewer Department pumping trucks quickly arrived, and Operation BS Cleanup was under way.

While the sewerage cleanup was going on the keynote speaker was heard and seen addressing the several hundred scientology supporters. They would shortly be pressured to pay over even more money to “shatter suppression” through the funding of even more civil rights and R.I.C.O. violations by the Scientology enterprise and OSA. The keynote speaker was the Attorney-General for the State of Utah!

There cannot have been more than 3-500 scientologists at this event. Few of them appeared to be real celebrities. The Celebrity Center grounds were expensively and lavishly decorated with props, bunting, stages and sound equipment (which broadcast in blatant breach of Articles Five and Six of the Municipal Code (amplified sound and general noise). Even at $600 a plate the event must have been a huge financial, public relations and morale flunk. The scientology publications unit will have to use Photoshop again!

I did enjoy meeting our Anonymous brothers and sisters from San Diego and elsewhere and I really look forward to picketing with them in San Diego before the end of summer. Let’s make August 16 and 17 another epic global picket. The Scientology enterprise is crumbling. Now it is on to really expose W.I.S.E. and its members, Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics and all of the other scientology false front groups.

Despite multiple calls over four hours LAPD and the LA City Council refuse to move the van.

Here is the URL to Mr. Berry's photographs of both the July 19, 2008 Washington, DC march and the August 9, 2008 Celebrity Center 39th Anniversary picket:

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