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Scientology HARASSES Jenna Miscavige Hill and her Husband

An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Jenna Miscavige Hill at exscientologykids:

Author Message Jenna
Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:26 am Post subject: The Church Contacted Me...

Hi Guys, Please repost this everywhere you can. This is why I am doing what I am doing.

So where do I begin.... I did an interview this week with ABC nightline. They of course had to call the Church for comment which they did.

Last night at 11pm while we were in bed we got a call from Dallas's father. He said he was 20 minutes away from our house and he was driving down from a meeting he had today and in the car with him were 2 Sea Org members from OSA Int and they were coming to talk to us at our house.
He said that they had come to talk to him but he insisted that we should be there and that they wanted to talk to us. So they just decided it was okay to drop in on us in the middle of the night in true Sea Org style.

I told him that they could absolutely not come to my house and that they need to call me and tell me that they apologize and want to sort this out before I even consider meeting with them. A couple of minutes later I got a call from Angie Blankenship (she was the CO CMO CW while I was in CMO CW for many years and we last I heard she was COB's Programs Operator. She said she was with Jenny Devocht/Linson who was the CO CMO CW, WDC FLB and CO CMO Int. For those of you who this is all gibberish to, they are both VERY high Church Executives. She said she was here to sort things out. So reluctantly
I agreed to meet with them. Mostly for the purpose of demonstrating the truth of what goes on to Dallas's parents.

We met at Denny's because it was the only place open. We sat down at a table. Both of these women looked like they hadn't slept in years!

We were there until 4 o'clock in the morning....

Within seconds of sitting down they proceeded to accuse me of "attacking my auditor", "using my uncle's name for my 15 minutes of fame because otherwise nobody would care about what I have to say", "lying about my upbringing", and telling me my mom was a horrible dishonest woman without the slightest thought of sensitivity. They said I had denounced Scientology and that was a Suppressive Act.

Just their usual antics. They asked us what our beef was. We told them about sleep deprivation, being held against my will, being separated from my parents, our friends being separated from their families. Everything we brought up, they laughed aloud and acted as if these things were preposterous and was saying how my education was so much better than what I would have gotten in the "wog world". We told them that they were denying everything we said to which they responded, "That's not true!", "Absolutely Not!" - they couldn't even see this and immediately denied that!

After down and dirty inavoidable questions they admitted that we did heavy labor for hours on a daily basis at the Ranch. They even pulled out a photo album and showed Dallas and his parents photos of us rock-hauling and mixing cement and building rock walls and other manual labor! They said that the fact that we didn't see our parents except for once a week was the same as any boarding school. They said that fact that I didn't see my mom but once from the age of 12-16 and by dad but 3 times and all for less than 30 minutes, they said that this was totally normal and like any other boarding school. Angie admitted to not letting me talk to my friends because they were in a lower level organization. Angie and Jenny both admitted to refusung to allow me to call my parents when I was 14 years old. They admitted to the fact that I was being held against my will in an auditing room, but said that after taking a walk and 4 hours that I later went back into the room and this was not against my will so this voided the previous 3 hours of kicking and screaming to try and get out of a 5x5 auditing room. They admitted that both of the areas where Dallas and I worked were deprived of sleep for days. They admitted that it was absolute bogus that my Aunt Sarah was declared a suppressive person and went on to blame it on Mark Ingber who is long gone.

In fact they blamed 99% of these things on Marty Rathbun (may he R.I.P), Mike Rinder, Tom Devocht and Dan Koon (of all people!). This is despite the fact that Jenny single handedly physically did not allow me to get on the plane to be with my parents when I was 12 years old after reading me a long excerpt of KSW. That Angie was witness every week, if not responsible for the fact that all of the minors at CW who were only schooled once a week.

They pleaded with me to pull the ABC Nightline deal. They said if I did, they would go through and cancel all of the B.S. allegations about me, that they would see about lifting the declare on several of my friends and would get all the data out on the table.

After Dallas's parents pleaded with us to try and cooperate so that they wouldn't have to decide between us and Scientology, we told them we would think about it and would call them the next morning. They tried to pressure us into making a descision then and there and we told them that it wasn't gonna happen. They told us not to talk to anybody about this meeting and to please not post about it on the internet.

The moment we left we decided that there was no way we would pull the Nightline deal. We never said anything but the truth. We decided that we would tell them this and that we would be willing to hold off on future interviews if they came through with their promise because we definitly cannot trust them and they needed to prove that they were really taking responsibility first.

The next morning we woke up and left our house and went out to breakfast for an hour. From there we took a round-about way to stop by my office in downtown because I had ordered some roses which came in. As we get onto the freeway Dallas noticed a white Ford sedan far behind on the on ramp. Trying not to be paranoid he thought nothing of it. As we switched freeways and went another ten miles he noticed the same car still following us.After arriving downtown on all the oneway streets he started noticing the car would never pull up directly behind him and kept swerving lanes.
We went in a circle because of oneway streets in downtown and Dallas was taking his time not coming in right away and I didn't know why. We were inside for 15 minutes getting my roses and Dallas now sees the same car down the street on the side of the road. He takes off pretty abrubtly into traffic and I think he is a crazy driver already. A block later Dallas says to me, "Jenna I think we are being followed. See that white car 3 lanes right of us, I am going to make the next left and he will swerve across and follow us." He did just that!

Dallas kept going in circles trying to see how many shifts this guy was going to make. At one point he pulled up in front of us and we got his license plate here:

Then we took off again and he came behind us and so I had to get out of my seat turn around and get a shot here:

He could see we spotted him and knew we were taking pics so he pulled over and then he was gone.

OSA or RTC or whoever it is, you have officially lost all opportunity of us trying to work it out internally.
That was your last chance and you BLEW IT!
Not only have you upset me, but you have upset my parents.
I guess I wont be holding back on that CNN interview after all.

Best, Jenna

Scientology HARASSES Jenna Miscavige Hill and her Husband

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