Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Michigan Church of Scientology Staff Member Gets Aggressive With a FOX NEWS Reporter

Contractor Trying to Get Paid By The Church of Scientology

FOX 2 NEWS Detroit writes:
"A contractor is caught in a business battle over religion. He is struggling to get the Michigan Church of Scientology to pay its bill for air conditioning work performed in June. FOX 2's Bill Gallagher worked to get some answers and got stonewalled."

It's bad enough that some Scientology churchs routinely avoids paying bills.....just ask any of their past vendors, but to send an aggressive staff member out to attack a reporter for reporting on one of those unpaid obligations? Now that's bad.

Take a look at this news clip. Notice how the scientologist deals with the reporter. He actually grabs the microphone from the reporter and, thankfully, the reporter firmly and calmly put the man on notice stating that what he was doing was an act of agression. It certainly looks that way.

Contractor Scuffling with Church of Scientology

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You can also see the video at RooTV


Anonymous said...

They can't even pay their bills. That video was so funny, and so good. Thanks for posting this report.s

Formerly Fooled said...

It's a well know fact that when the income stats are down, the staff are probably eating rice and beans.

Thanks to you, too, for stopping by and commenting on it :)

Kay Rigotti said...

I understand your perceptions of what happened but I don't think that we can classify
Scientology as a bad thing due to these few isolated incidents. After all if you were too go to the website you would find that Scientolgists in general are peaceful loving human beings. I am thankful to have the opportunity to get varied opinions about this group but even the negative opinions do not discount their primary premises to love and to help themselves and others. There is so much suffering in the world today I just wouldn't want to shed any bad light on any group that is committed and devoted to the upliftment of themselves and of the world.........ya know.

In Peace

Formerly Fooled said...

Kay, I was in scientology for over 18 years and let me tell you something you obvious are clueless about when it comes to scientology: Scientology has nothing to do with love and peace, those subjects are not even taught in their classes, nor are those themes a part of any of scientology's creeds or ceremonies.
Scientology takes the inate love and concerns for peace that a normal person would have when going in, and sucks th life of them right out of the person. Non-scientologists are called WOGS and scientologists are indoctrinated to not trust WOGS. When someone dies, members are made to believe that grieving is aberrated; or that when they are sick, the sick person must be a Potential Trouble Source to have gotten ill. And when a family member expresses concern that the cult member is going broke in the cult or that the person is changing and distancing them self from their family and friends, the member follows scientology policy to handle or disconnect - usually disconnect. So, so much for your love and piece baloney.
Ladyofspirit, you need to real about scientology - a cult that rips people off, destroys lives, tears families apart and destroys the ability to love and be a part of life.