Friday, May 11, 2007

How Scientology Hypnotizes

For some good reading on how L. Ron Hubbard used the basics oh hypnosis in the techniques of scientology do a Google search on the terms 'Lermanet scientology and hypnosis '. Click here to see is what you get .

For a wonderful visual example, here's a story in the news recently:

XENUTV's WOG BLOG author Mark Bunker explains how BBC's Panorama reporter John Sweeney is playing with the Scientologists and using their own drills to be “at cause” over them in a video clip the church is trying to use to defame Sweeney in advance of the May 14th show BBC is doing on the cult. Bunker says "His pause in the middle of the rant is a clear indication he is playing around. " I agree and anyone who has done these drills can tell, too, lol!

Here's a XENU TV video demo of this drill by Stacy Brooks and the late Robert Vaughn Young, a former high ranking PR man for Scientology and archivist for L. Ron Hubbard . "This demonstration of Scientology training routines includes a drill in which the Scientologists shout at an ashtray to stand up and sit down. It teaches them to forcefully command others (and to be commanded) and is used to intimidate people.".

Set your timers and schedules: Monday May 14th, John Sweeney's BBC Panorama show on Scientology. Panorama is on Mondays at 20:30 BST on BBC One and repeated on BBC News 24 Mondays at 00:30 BST and Tuesdays at 03:30 BST.


Anonymous said...

John Sweeney--- I commend you for your courage and persistence in covering this topic. You are dead on when it comes to this "Cult." Just ask Richard Behar, from Time Magazine. He experienced, and went through the same treatment in his research for the article, "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power." I FULLY support any, and ALL, of you journalists who are exposing "THE TRUTH." Keep up the good work!!! As for losing your temper, don't worry about it!! When you are dealing with "children", as clearly MANY scientologists is easy to do :) DO NOT back down from these people. They are punks!!!

Formerly Fooled said...

Yes, I agree. And I guess that calm pause in his angry reaction was an attempt to put the drills in but it's obvious from the show that he was badgered and overwhelmed by their tactics enough to lose it. I don't blame him, as it IS better to lose your voice than to lose your mind~~!