Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vince Daniels takes on Narconon and Narconon Stone Hawk.


Vince Daniels Takes on
Narconon and Narconon Stone Hawk

Who’s Up for a Debate?
by Mark Bunker

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels. Not Stone Hawk Narconon. Vince Daniels offered to have an in-studio debate with Per Wickstrom and Clark Carr but they refused to appear on the show. I wonder why?

To combat Vince’s many effective shows on the abuses at Narconon’s Stone Hawk rehab facility, Stone Hawk has purchased an hour of radio time each Saturday morning for a month to spread their PR nonsense. Wickstrom hops on a plane to come do their little show each week but can’t stick around an extra few hours to answer questions.

Anyway, Kimberly Darr returns to the show. She has been relentless in exposing the fraud and abuse rampant in the Stone Hawk facility in Battle Creek, Michigan. She’s been working hard to see that other patients and their families aren’t harmed by Scientology’s drug-rehab front group.

More and more people keep leaving Stone Hawk due to Vince Daniels’ shows. The latest to exit is Sue Wilkins’ son. Sue actually brought the sheriff with her to get her son out of Stonehawk this week. She talks about googling “Drug Rehab” and getting tons of sites all pointing to Narconon. That’s just one of the ways Scientology uses the net to lure people into their program. They created hundreds of sites pointing to their program. This not only buries the competition but actually increases the ranking of their main Narconon site in many search engines. ...{..}
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Scientology: Vince Daniels - Stonehawk Debate - Pt 1
3/17/07 - Vince Daniels invited representatives from Scientology's drug rehab program Narconon on his show to debate but they refused so he plays excerpts from their radio show and rebuts them with guests.

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Anonymous said...

Is there anyone out there that can help us to get our money( or most of it) back from Stone Hawk? They pretty well set your child up to fail, and leave the program. Our son was just 3 weeks into, and not giving them problems, but met a girl there (in the sauna) It's a long story, but I need direction. Thanks.

Formerly Fooled said...

I am sorrry to hear that you have been taken by Stone Hawk, as so many have before you.

I don't know the particulars about how and why one could or should get a refund from Narconon Stone Hawk but I can tell you where to post your message so that others involved may be able to answer it:
Narconon Victims Forum

Here are links for additional information about Narconon and it's Stone Hawk center in MI

As a parent, I know there is only so much we can do for our children.

I hope your son was able to gethimself into a real program and begin overcoming his addiction.

Best wishes.