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Tigger, Thanks for Hall's 'resume', lol! I just went back to The Peoples Voice
(snip link) and registered and posted this comment:

Comment from: FormerlyFooled [Member] I used to be a volunteer for Citizens Commission on Human Rights ( CCHR ); I once believed the 'information' they provided me with. I was a Scientologist who thought Dianetics and Scientology were the solutions to the problems of the mentally ill, not the psychs or pharmacutical industry, who were 'our enemies'.

The truth is, the Church of Scientology does not have solutions to help the mentally ill; they do not want to help the mentally ill become healthy nor do they have a technology to help them and others prone to these debilitating conditions.

The mentally ill are poster-boys and poster-girls for CCHR's agenda to destroy Scientology's perceived enemy : first the 'psychs' now the 'pharmas' as they have come to to be known.
This rumor of there not being a "chemical imbalance" was manufactured by CCHR, who conveniently fail to provide commonly known scientific evidence which actually supports the fact that such an imbalance exists.

Those 3 state representatives have been hoodwinked by the 'Cult of Scientology' and shame on them for accepting rumor in place of fact when making this accusation. (If in fact the story os even true to begin with.)

CCHR would have us believe that the FDA knows nothing about chemistry and lacks the best interests of consumers nationwide when approving medications; this is false.

Don't you be hoodwinked, too

The internet abounds in research documentation supporting that a chemical imbalance is at the root of mental illness. Even alternative medicine researchers agree. CCHR does not want you to read these things, They want to imbed your mind with THEIR propaganda because if psychiatry prevails, Scientology dies. Take a look at some of the information available:

Mental Health Matters article The "Chemical Imbalance" in Mental Health Problems

"Chemical Imbalance - What is Chemical Imbalance, What Causes It ..."

Read this Fair Use exerpt:
"Common chemical imbalances related to anxiety and depression related disorders that have been observed in clinical practice include:
Reduced availability of neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, GABA and acetylcholine.

Increased levels of toxic neurochemicals such as Homocysteine Lower levels of serum Magnesium, Zinc or Potassium

Unhealthy, or deficient levels of essential vitamins like B6, B9, B12 and Vitamin-C
Undersupply of key cofactors like amino acids that are used to help transport neurotransmitter precursors into the blood-brain barrier.

Increased cortisol stress hormone levels

Date: 06-14-04 Article: Understanding Chemical Imbalance Author: Jake Van Der Borne About the Author: see profile Email Address: Website URL: _______________________________________

If anyone wants to read how medication effects the chemical balance of the brain or any part of the human body that is ill, all you have to do is read the FDA drug approval reports for whichever medicine you are concerned about:

CCHR and it's mother 'church' Scientology have no alternative solution to help people suffering from brain chemical imbalances. Dianetic is not even a science and it is only employed to demonstate that one needs the religion called Scientology.

Some CCHR volunteers are victims of this cult because they THINK they are helping people and they THINK Scientology and Dianetics are the answers which the mentally ill need - not psychiatry and medication. What is never made known to them is the fact that Scientology and CCHR are not doing this to help the mentally ill. They could care less about the mentally ill, or anyone physically or disabled.

This supposed Church actually bars the ill from participation because illness is like the mark of the beast to them. Here's two of many reports found on alt.religion.scientology google newsgroup discussing their distain of the disabled.

Read how charitable CCHR and the Cult of Scientology really are:

Former OC-ORG FBO-Admin by Rev Dr John Benjamin Tatum DD PhD wrote

"I have wanted to learn more. But now that I have all the time in the world (heck, I even completed my education), they do not seem to want me for staff or Sea Org. Because they see me as "damaged goods" since I am in a wheelchair. Still send me all of their fliers, but will not take me in (was even willing to go Sea Org). But I did not even get any books,cassettes, or other items because I could not afford them when I was on staff or even now since I have been on disability since February of 1989.

Disabled and Scientology...Questions....?

That is just a fraction of the information on what CCHR and the Church of Scientology are about and it's enough to make one sick.

The IRS should recind the tax exempt status of Citizens Commission on Human Rights and the main Church of Scientology organizations for misrepresentation and using tax-exempt dollars for it's HATE agenda against the mentally ill and the industries that are actually doing something better their lives.

Their manner of attacks and goal of destroy the pharmacutical and psychiatric communities, all under the guise of spiritual need and religion.

Scientology an enemy of the disabled and those chronically in need of medical care. Not only do they shun them Scientology and Dianetics cannot help any one with mental health issues.
Dianetics is not even a science. It's not even modern. If it was, it would help people with mental illness become free of all the mental demons the book talks about. And since that fact could cost the church money, it is a fact they do not want you, the IRS and the FDA to know about. Instead,they've orchestrated a public scheme to attack those that ARE doing something to help the mentally ill:

The mental health field and the pharmacutical companies who make medications, who more often than not help those suffering from mental illness and related disorders.

You would think that Tom Cruise's apology to Brooke Shields would have humbled these nimwits at CCHR 'headquarters'.

I am not a proponient of any of these industries but it is ethically and morally wrong that CCHR and $cientology, acting in collusion, to be allowed to use tax free $$$$ from supposed "charitable" contributions to attack the very industries that are ACTUALLY helping people. I think it a crime. You should too.

Don't be deceived. Give credit where credit is due.

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