Sunday, September 03, 2006

Scientology and Hubbard : Anti-Christianity & Anti-Christ

I love the web site by Creed Pearson. He was the first to state what so many of us knew, that Hubbard is an anti-Christ. Now read why:

This audio clip is profound in it's accuracy: Silentology29august2006 wma 3.71 mb 21 mins.

Read Discovering Scientology's Greatest Secrets and Why I Was Silenced- Part One
by Creed Judson Pearson III aka Creek Hosted by

When you're ready and up to the task, read this "How To Disconnect"

30 minute lecture by Creed Pearson, MP3 18mb Introduction to Silentology

Thank you, Mr.Creed Judson Pearson III !!

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