Sunday, September 17, 2006


KCAA Radio, Vince Daniels and crew had a great show yesterday.
Check it out:

'The Many Moods' will go where few A.M. talk shows dare to go on Saturday, September 16th when host, Vince Daniels not only takes on the Church of Scientology, but moreover devotes a good chunk of his 3 live hours talking to experts on cults as well as former church members and with those currently involved in Scientology, who will have what Daniels calls "an open forum" to call in and challenge the guests.

FREE MINDS SPEAK OUT SEPT. 16 ON K.C.A.A. Scientology and religious cults in general to be exposed.

See The Show at XENU TV

Followup from Vince Daniels:

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Date:Sun, Sep 17 2006 1:25 am
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

I appreciated reading over the blow by blow account of you who either listened and/or viewed the KCAA webstream today. I wish I could have gotten to all the calls. If there were any of you on hold that I did not get to, my apologies. I plan on doing a follow-up 3 hour show in the next four to possibly six weeks from now.
Below is a link to the guest book on the KCAA "comment page" over on KCAARADIO dot com. I would truly appreciate any of you letting the owner and management of the station know how you felt about todays show, positive or negative as they closely monitor the comments. Be sure to mention my name or the name of the show, "The Many Moods of Vince Daniels" if you are so inclined. A link that takes you directly to the guest book is provided below. And thanks in advance!
KCAA Radio GuestBook

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