Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hey, Mary Panton (aka Mary DeMoss).. I'm Lobbying You

Mary Panton aka Mary DeMoss

Updated Update 9/14/2009: I have changed the photo to one that reflects Mary's current relationship with Scientology and it's front groups like CCHR. The photo I had up here, while adorable, was no longer necessary since Mary deleted it from her Facebook and from her blog. However, the commenter needs to contact the infamous " Bernie 'because he has the photo up on his blog in his misguided rant about me.
UPDATE: Aug 14, 2009
Seems as if Mary took into consideration what I and others wrote. She subsequently took down her blog. She went out and started her own entertainment business. Her sister even wrote me recently. I don't know whether my post had anything to do with those things happening but would like to think so in some small way.

Her sister wrote:
"Mary is a good person at heart. She is my sister and is a decent person. Let it be. Full stories are rarely revealed to all."

Anyone who knows me knows that I wrote what I wrote because I care. I am actually one of Mary's fans from the critic pool. I am also a mother. The lack of discretion concerned me. There was enough about her on the internet to curl a straight haired woman's head. Mary has little control over that stuff but she took that steps to get the blog down and started a career change in something she wanted to do that has nothing to do with scientology. That's progress.

I am not sure if her sister is a scientologist but if she is, I would find the comment suspect, but since I have no way of knowing, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she isn't a scientologist and that she's just someone who cares for her sister enough to defend her.

So, I am deleting what I wrote in response to Mary's posts on her old blog because she deleted the blog. I'm not sure what that last sentence in her sister's comment is supposed to mean but in consideration for Mary's son and the changes she made since I published the piece, I WILL let it go. I am anonymous but I do forgive and forget.


Anonymous said...

Mary deleted her blog. I guess that's part of her ethics conditions? And just who is the other of the 'authors'?

The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.
You can create your own free blog on

Anonymous said...

Mary is a good person at heart. She is my sister and is a decent person. Let it be. Full stories are rarely revealed to all.

Formerly Fooled said...

Thanks for writing. I updated the piece. For Mary's sake, I hope you get her out of scientology. It's a dangerous cult.

Anonymous said...

I've also met Mary in person. I'm sure she is kind-hearted, and wish her the best but her continued affiliation with Scientology-run companies...well, you can't blame people for not pretending along with her.
She was part of an organization that hurt people and communities, and whether her loyalties were misplaced or she knew what she was doing while she was in *does* make a difference.
At some point, if she wants to be taken seriously, she will have to address the Scientology issue. Meanwhile, it might be nice if you removed the photo of her son.

Anonymous said...

her new company's logo is SP. maybe she is making a subtle statement?

Tilman Hausherr said...

The "Bernie" op is probably the longest running op ever, which is a bit surprising because it was never a real success. But it wasn't a total failure either, considering that at least a handful of critics do believe that this "moderate critic" (who always criticizes other critics, and not scientology, or only pro forma) is actually for real.

The photograph on the "Bernie" site doesn't look like her - if yes, then she has changed a lot.

Is Mary a good person at heart? Maybe. Scientology has the skills to wake up the worst im human beings. Prof. Philip Zimbardo once said (not an exact quote, and not related to scientology specifically): it's not the apples, it's the barrel that is rotten.

Formerly Fooled said...

Hi Tilman. You are right. Whatever Bernie is, "he's" a op to distract people from criticism of Scientology itself.

The photo of Mary ( DeMoss ) Panton and her son, which "Bernie" took from my original post here and posted on his blog post, came from Mary's blog, which she later took down.

I don't know if you read the blog but there were very personal posts of an intimate nature on there which I considered inappropriate for a parent to write on the internet while using their real name. I'd written that she should have considered her son before posting her love life to the internet. The blog received alot of attention and comment. Soon there after, she took the blog down.

Mary is still very much a scientologist, working as a lobbyist for:
Emory Capital Management, LLC
The source for this information is her linked in page.

Too bad. But you are right about the barrel being rotten and not so much the apples.
Best wishes for the new year, Tilman!
~Mary McConnell

Tilman Hausherr said...

No, I haven't read her blog at that time, I only read a few days ago what appeared elsewhere. I don't read ars anymore, lack of time, I found all this because I was repairing links on my website. One pasted blog post was about her reflecting about her youtube fame, another one about that fool Gus Barreiro whom she sees as a mentor.

One forum mentioned but didn't copy&paste some thoughts about a lost love.

Too many people (not just clam cultists) put up very private thoughts in their blogs, or become member of facebook, linkedin, xing etc and tell everybody their connections, without being aware that all these informations are nobody's business.

I don't think that you alone contributed to the deletion of her blog, rather, it was the many "entheta" reactions at that time.

Formerly Fooled said...

Oh, I meant Mary's blog posts got lots of attention and comments resulting in her deleting the whole thing because that. My blog piece about it was just one of many comments that drove her to deep 6 it, lol

Anonymous said...

This a small part of her original blog

Formerly Fooled said...

Good. Thanks.

Here is a shortened link to that thread at ARS.

Check out the other posts on that thread, too. Some have added more to what the original poster copy/pasted from Mary Panton's blog.
Sadly, Mary is still in Scientology, working for scientologist Thomas A Wright of Emory Capital Management, LLC .

Here is her linked in page